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New Law Firm Fights Property Tax Assessments, Reduces Tax Bills for Owners of High-end Residential and Commercial Properties

A new law firm to specialize in appealing property tax assessments in Florida, New York and other parts of the country. Property values have plummeted due the bursting of the real estate bubble, but property tax assessments may not reflect current conditions. Lubin Lockwood works with owners of high-end residential and commerical properties to attempt to reduce their property taxes.


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2009 -- Despite the “bursting” of the real estate bubble, property tax values remain near their all-time highs in South Florida and other parts of the country that experienced a run-up in market values. The reason is that county tax appraisers often base their assessments on historical values, rather than reflecting current, post-real estate boom economic conditions.

“We feel that many owners of high-end residences and commercial property could be overpaying their property taxes by thousands of dollars,” said Seth Lubin, Esq., managing partner of the newly-formed tax assessment appeal law firm, Lubin Lockwood.

“According to a recent study, some properties may be over-assessed by as much as 60% of their ‘true’ value,” said Lubin. “But the good news is that just about every property tax appraiser in the country provides for an appeal process. If you know their ‘rules of the game’ - the statutes that govern the process - and don’t stumble over the potential landmines the appraiser will set for you, you could reduce your property tax bill.”

In June, Lubin plans to begin hosting a series of educational workshops for attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, wealth managers and owners of high-end residential and commercial property. For more information, visit: or call (954) 660-3534

About Lubin Lockwood: An attorney and entrepreneur, Seth Lubin served for 11 years as in-house counsel to Victor Posner (a “corporate raider” contemporary of Ivan Boesky and featured in the book Den of Thieves), one of South Florida’s most colorful and successful businessmen. During his tenure there, Mr. Lubin personally reduced the assessed value of Posner’s real estate holdings by more than $40 Million, using the same techniques and strategies he employs in his practice today. Mr. Lubin handles a limited, highly selective caseload of clients with high-end residential and commercial properties and may be reached at or (954) 660-3534