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Killer Guides published a collection of Aion Guides at - currently providing an Aion leveling and an Aion Kinah Guide.


Sao Paolo, Brazil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2009 -- With the long awaited arrival of NC Soft's highly acclaimed game, Aion, Killer Guides has already released a new product line to do what they do best, getting players to hit the level cap within weeks and providing valuable game strategies, tactics, hints and much more. The product comes in the form of a compendium of game guides; some they already released, others, they are planning to release in the near future. This new product line is aimed at giving current Aion players and would-be players all the know-how that is necessary to play the game at the level of an Aion expert because it will not only provide a general guide to the game but also specific class guides that are fine-tuned to perfection in order to provide the most relevant and necessary information that all Aion players seek.

Starting out with the Aion Leveling Guide ( ) and the Aion Kinah Guide ( ), the full Killer Guides' Aion compendium will include all the other classes available in the game: Assassin, Cleric, Chanter, Spirit Master and Gladiator. Like all of the other guides that they provide, such as those for World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online, there are leveling, questing, equipment, Kinah-making, profession, and PvP sections to be covered with different emphases dependent upon each guide's content. Furthermore, there is to be a bundle of all the guides that are and will be available for Aion that will be available for purchase at highly discounted prices. This bundle, also similar to their other MMORPG bundles, will automatically update itself once new guides are added to the compendium; therefore bundle owners will always be receiving new guides as they become released. Furthermore, one signature trademark of the Killer Guides brand is that they constantly supply free updates to the guides so their customers can always keep up-to-date to new patches and expansions that will become implemented to the game itself.

Aion, an innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is NC Soft's newest game title, is scheduled to be released in the US and EU on September 22nd, 2009 and on September 25nd, 2009 respectively. US and EU gamers have been hearing about the success of the Asian servers of the game for quite a while to the point where some even joined those overseas servers to get a chance to play the game before it gets released. With the many innovative and unique features of the game such as player-controlled flight, a newly invented skilling mechanic called the Stigma system, supremely detailed character-appearance customization, and many more. The end result is a game that infuses players in a gaming experience like no other.

If you are an Aion player or would-be player, be sure to check out the new Aion product line from Killer Guides, available at With their constantly growing portfolio of MMO game guides, Killer Guides aims to continue providing the online gaming community with high-quality game guides.