College Planning PhD, Inc.

College Planning PhD, Inc. Student Gets 85% Free Money At School of His Choice!!


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2009 -- Matthew wanted a school that he would Enjoy & Thrive at for All the Right Reasons !
Matthew knew he could get into the schools of his choice. He also, wanted the best financial package for that school.

You should know that Matthew applied to 8 or 9 schools.

Including State and Public Schools, as well as Private Universities, both in-state & out.

Matthew had alot of Great Schools & Financial Aid Packages to choose from.

He got accepted to most of the schools he applied to, including:

Univ of Miami
Elon University
Tulane University
Indiana University
Univ of Mass
Wake Forest (wait-listed)

He got offers of free money at each of the schools !

So he was able to choose the school that he felt was the best fit for him.

That he would enjoy & thrive at for all the right reasons !

In fact, at Rollins, Matt was offered over 90% of the COA ( Cost Of Attendance) in Free Money. That was over $40,000 !

He finally decided that UCF was the Best Fit for him. He was accepted to their Honors College.

At UCF, Matt received just under $13,000 year in Free Money the COA was just under $15,000 !

Matt has some Free time this Summer & has offered to assist College Planning PhD, Inc. during this busy season.

He will be getting the word out to families that have attended our Free Workshop & need our assistance, but we have not had the time to follow up with.

The word being that, their is money available, their is hope to help families just like his.

So, if you hear from Matt, feel free to ask him how we helped him & his family to achieve their dream! Matthew is the oldest of 3 children in his family. Matthew's mom is a teacher here in town.