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What You Don’t Know About SAT Scores and Financial Aid Local College Funding Experts Teach Students to Smoke the SAT!

Local college funding experts help college-bound teens boost their SAT and ACT scores, help parents pay for college through increased financial aid, via free online class at


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2009 -- Peter “College Pete” Ratzan, a local college planner and author of the book, The ‘Never Pay Retail For College’ Financial Aid Maximization System thinks parents of college-bound teens don’t understand how important SAT and ACT scores really are.

“Most parents realize that the higher their children score the better their chances of getting in. And they have a vague idea that high scores could somehow translate into scholarship money,” said Ratzan. “But that’s not the half of it,” Ratzan said.

“Where they miss the boat is by failing to understand is that the most prestigious, expensive colleges tend have the most endowment money to give away!” said Andy Lockwood, Ratzan’s partner. “Colleges carrying the highest ‘sticker prices’ will often make high-achieving students an ‘offer they can’t refuse.’ Even in the midst of our recession, these colleges continue to give away substantial need-based financial aid” Lockwood said. “Sometimes it can cost less to go to an ‘expensive’ college than a state university,” said Lockwood.

Lockwood and Ratzan urge parents that now is the time to get serious about test preparation and test prep classes. Deadlines are fast approaching. The next date for the ACT is September 12th; the SAT is October 10th. Registration deadlines are as early as August 21.

Lockwood and Ratzan have recorded a free webinar on the “Five Biggest Myths About the SAT” to give tips on how students can boost their scores and to educate parents about the pro’s and con’s of all study options, including tutoring, live classes and discounted, online, self-directed choices. The class is available at for a limited time.

Peter “College Pete” Ratzan, MBA and Andrew Lockwood, J.D. are co-founders of College Planning Specialists of Florida. They offer state-of –the art, discounted SAT, ACT and PSAT study courses on their new site, College Pete and Andy conduct free college planning workshops to help parents of college-bound teens pay for college, “How You Can Slash Your College Costs by $30,000 or More...Even if You’ve Been Told ‘You Won’t Qualify’ For Financial Aid.” For dates and locations of upcoming workshops, visit

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