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Aion Leveling Guide Available for the Ranger Class

Killer Guides has released their first class guide for their Aion product line, The Unofficial Aion Ranger Guide.


Sao Paolo, Brazil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2009 -- This Unofficial Aion Ranger Guide is one of the first additions to Killer Guides' Aion series. The guide is available for purchase from as an individual guide at $29.99. The guide is also offered as part of the Aion Complete Guide Package. The bundle includes a wide range of guides for Aion, an Aion Strategy Guide, an Aion Kinah Guide and many other Aion class guides, as well as all other guides for Aion that will be released in the near future.

Released as one of the first full-featured class guides for Aion, the Unofficial Aion Ranger Guide which features ground-breaking class information that Ranger-players would highly appreciate. The main features of the guide include: ideal leveling spots for Rangers classified by specific level ranges, stigma skill recommendations, PvPvE tactics, a list of different equipment builds, useful addons and macros, and Ranger-specific Kinah-making strategies. Each specific section of the guide contains comprehensive explanations laid out in simple format for easy understanding so Ranger-players of all levels and experiences can utilize the guide to the fullest degree.

Aion, itself, is enjoyable and comfortable enough to play as it is due to the many built-in player-aids such as the locate function that helps players find NPCs, items or areas that are required in order to complete quests. But what Killer Guides aims to achieve in their Aion guides, including the Aion Ranger Guide, is to provide information that is not considered to be commonly known and to provide their customers with an advantage in the game above other players. To find out more specific details about what their Aion Ranger Guide provides, have a look on their product page, . is a publisher of countless unofficial strategy guides for most popular MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy XI, and Warhammer Online. With the sole aim of becoming an all-in-one source of unique and unbiased information for online gamers, the company is in a state of constant expansion to provide coverage for more MMORPGs that are available in the market. All of their guides are available for online purchase and download at the Killer Guides online shop.

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