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The Secret Connection Between College Pete and Senator Edward Kennedy!

Audio Recording Surfaces Days After Senator’s Passing, Sheds Light On “Secret Origin” of College Pete


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2009 -- An audio recording of recently deceased Senator Edward Kennedy and local college funding expert Peter “College Pete” Ratzan has surfaced for the first time. Historians and Kennedologists are busy examining the documents to ascertain their authenticity.

Ratzan received an unmarked brown paper package containing a faded, color photograph and an 8-Track tape recording at his doorstep at approximately 3:37 am on Monday, August 31st. He could not identify who delivered it, saying only that he noticed a dark, unmarked sedan peeling out and careening away in his quiet, affluential Weston neighborhood.

“I’m just as shocked as you are,” said Ratzan. “I barely remember meeting the guy. But if you listen to the advice he gave me on the recording, you can see why I decided to forge a career helping families pay for college. I mean, who wouldn’t? I must have buried this stuff inside for years.” Ratzan said.

The extent of Senator Kennedy’s magnetic personality and influence has been well documented. It should be no surprise, therefore, that Ratzan now devotes his professional life to helping parents pay for college. He also has an unnatural, unexplained affinity for bowties, the Boston Red Sox, yachting and scotch whiskey.

Until the Secret Service removes this historical information, the photograph and remastered audio clip are available at:

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