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LoPresti Aviation Announces BoomBeams for Cessna Citation

This complete kit will give aviation's top performing business jet an increase in safety and a dramatic cost improvement.


Sebastian, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2009 -- LoPresti Aviation announces the FAA STC'd approval for BoomBeam™ HID lights on the Citation 560. This complete kit will give aviation's top performing business jet an increase in safety and a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs.

"Every Citation pilot knows that Citation flights are measured in 'Bulbs per Hour', with one of six lights burning out with high-cost frequency." According to Curt LoPresti, CEO of LoPresti Aviation, "Safety is aviation's number one agenda. We know that the addition of BoomBeam HID lights to all aircraft greatly improves their conspicuity and safety. Lights on 24/7 is now possible with our filament free, low power draw system. Replacement bulbs are a thing of the past. LoPresti has taken this out of the equation by offering their BoomBeams™ with a 5000 hour/5 year warranty. Don't take our word for it," says LoPresti, "listen to what Philip Francis, Citation Pilot says about his LoPresti BoomBeam System."

Like any pilot who has flown any 500 Series Citation, I have often found myself on short final "second-guessing" if I skipped the checklist item "Landing Lights -> On", causing me to momentarily move my hand off the throttles and glance down to flip the switches On, only to realize that they were already On...!!

Needless to say, flying any 500 Series Citation into uncontrolled airports (the raison d'être for corporate aircraft) at night always brings tense moments as you strain to see any "dim" silhouettes or objects that might appear on the runway just in front of the aircraft as the original lights would not permit much advanced warning.

I finally had an opportunity to "test" your new HID lights that were installed on our Citation 560 Ultra, with a flight landing late in the evening.


Just to try and give you a slight representation of my "NEW" reality..... everything that is in the path of the new HID lights is now brighter and whiter than in the midday sunlight..!!

The lights are so bright and so white in contrast to the dim "yellow" original lights that, prior to crossing the threshold while still 20 to 40 feet in the air, I can see clearly the entire length of the runway confirming that it is free of any objects or animals (i.e. deer etc.).

In addition, for increased visibility and safety I now use the recognition lights and landing lights for every takeoff and landing during the day without the expense and concern of having to constantly replace one of the six lights which would frequently become unserviceable, (burnout) due to vibration encountered during flight and on the ground causing a filament to break.

My conclusion after installing your HID light kit on our Citation 560:
"All of our night operations are much safer by greatly increasing pilot visibility and awareness while decreasing pilot stress.
Reduced downtime and non-scheduled maintenance costs for repetitively replacing the original incandescent light bulbs."

Thank you for developing this great product.

Philip Francis
Director of Flight Operations
ATP Citation 500 Series

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With certifications on 228 different models, providing for over 72,000 aircraft, LoPresti is the industry leader in HID lighting for aviation and has installed thousands of aftermarket kits. Roy LoPresti was responsible for the design and manufacture of more successful airplanes than any designer in aviation history. Mooney, Grumman, Beech, Piper, each company laid claim for a time to producing the works of his creative mind. In 1991, the legendary engineer formed LoPresti Speed Merchants, located in Vero Beach, Florida. With more than 40 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Authorizations (PMAs), plus patents and copyrights, LoPresti Aviation leads the way in performance and innovation time and again.