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North Cyprus Holidays 2010

201 Euro Free holidays to North cyprus, by Great opportunity to go north Cyprus this year, save money on your north cyprus holidays, Now most of Hotels on Early booking discount up to % 30 less. Also Flights are much cheaper than 2009 so its great idea to visit north cyprus.


Lefkosa, Nicosia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2009 -- All year Cyprus Travel, North Cyprus and UK base Travel Agent to North Cyprus, Offer Hotel only bookings, package holidays including direct flights and private airport transfers, and local reping service, Hotels on the brochure regularly check by our local office in North Cyprus. you can find your own style hotel from 1 star to five star, holiday villages, spa, or Boutique hotels, we do good match from all hotels for everyone. If you are not sure about the hotel if is suit or not for you, speak one of our travel experts and they will able to tell you if that hotel suit for you or not. We give you correct information.

Why North Cyprus ?
North Cyprus is Euro free zone, and using Turkish lira, When you change your money your money greater than Turkish lira more than 2 times, so why not? food is cheap, wine is cheap,

300 Sunny Days, Cyprus has 300 sunny days warm winters, and beautiful landscape.

Direct flights to Larnaca 4 hours,
After borders opened you can fly to Larnaca airport and stay in North Cyprus, there is plenty flights to Larnaca airport from all over UK airport whether you are looking for budget airline or First class all available for your requirements.

Beautiful Beaches
North Cyprus has got beautiful beaches, most probably the cleanest beaches in the Med.

Cypriot Hospitality.
When you arrive Cyprus, you will see the different, Cypriots are warm people, they like to meet the people, offer them coffee, chat, and hospitality.

North Cyprus was one of the colonial Country
So Traffic same as UK, drive from Left, Electricity same, Most of people speak English, secon Language is English.

Hotel prices, are much more cheaper than Europa countries, there is family run hotels, luxury hotels, holiday villages, spa hotels, all sort of Accommodation available

Car hire:
You can rent a car and discover North Cyprus easy, as the low all Rental cars must be new, and conditions are good, the prices are cheaper than EU countries again. Minimum you can hire 3 days and there is age limit which is you cannot hire less than 25 years old.

So book your holidays to North Cyprus with confident, Great value and with experts. no one now North Cyprus better than us because we are here and UK

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