“My Foreclosure” Released by hgrsaudio.com

“My Foreclosure” hgrsaudio.com music parody based on the song “My Sharona” The Knack 1979


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2010 -- hgrsaudio.com released “My Foreclosure” music parody based on the song “My Sharona” written and performed by The Knack 1979. The purpose of this release is to underscore 1) the effects of the ongoing US foreclosure crisis 2) the continued dismantling of both the housing and mortgage finance industries

Strange that the world’s superpower is intelligent and skilled enough to put a man on the moon, but cannot figure out how to rework mortgages to keep its citizens in their homes.

The net result of the mortgage servicers helping US homeowners modify their mortgages to stop foreclosures is now a well documented joke. It is common knowledge what areas of the country have been hit the worst, but now the economic cancer is systemic throughout the US.

The song “My Sharona” celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009. Sharona Alperin was only 17 when The Knack's song "My Sharona" became a huge hit and pop music classic. Knack leader Doug Fieger, who had a crush on the teenager, co-wrote the song about Sharona before she was old enough to vote and drink. Given the demographics, hgrsaudio.com thought the classic pop music hit would be an excellent foundation to produce a mainstream music parody to continue a rally for the mortgage relief cause.

US voters were promised and sold a “Main Street solution” not a “Wall Street money and power grab”. A successful parasite never kills its host, the “Beltway” and “Wall Street” should well remember who the host is.

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“My Foreclosure” Fair Use Parody based on the song “My Sharona” written and performed by The Knack 1979
Lyrics and Concept by Gregory Marcus and Jeff Krashin
Vocals – Brody Dolyniuk, Lead Singer, Yellow Brick Road, Las Vegas, NV

Engineered, Mixed and edited by Jeff Krashin @ HGRSAudio.com, Las Vegas, NV
Visual Presentation by Gregory Marcus
Produced by Gregory Marcus & Jeff Krashin

For additional information please email gregory@hgrsaudio.com; Gregory Marcus, Co-Founder/Co-Producer hgrsaudio.com