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SmartRoster V2.0 solves scheduling headache


Duncraig, Western Australia, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2006 -- The need to spend long, frustrating hours working out schedules for churches and volunteer-based organizations has just disappeared, with the release of a new scheduling product that is both sophisticated and affordable. SmartRoster is unique to the market place, according to its designer, Tim Jansz of Davallia Technology. Recognizing that small-to-medium sized churches don’t necessarily require a complete Church Management System, Tim has focused on a headache that plagues all schedulers: how to quickly create effective, regular rosters that don’t need to be rearranged as soon as they are printed!

SmartRoster was created when Tim was asked by his church to compile its quarterly schedules. It only took one schedule Tim, a systems analyst, to realize that here was a task that was perfectly suited to a computer – it can perform the repetitive processing required for rosters without getting bored or tired or needing better pay.

SmartRoster saves the time that has become so precious to the church administrator in these days of increased workloads and reduced availability. With SmartRoster, the administrator can ensure that the right person is assigned to the right task every time – no clashes, no double booking. SmartRoster enables the administrator to maximize each person’s availability.

But where SmartRoster really shines, is in its flexibility. The scheduler can deal easily with the highly variable demands often encountered in scheduling volunteers. This is a feature of church scheduling that is not easily handled even by commercial scheduling packages, which are always highly priced and often hard to use. SmartRoster’s customizable format means that any denomination can construct schedules to exactly suit their particular requirements. The program can also produce instant, up-to-date Family Directories. Both the schedules and the directory can be sent to church members online, with SmartRoster’s advanced email capabilities, or printed off and handed out, according to the communication needs of the individual church.

SmartRoster, available from Davallia Technology, is an elegant program, which does the task in a no-fuss, yet user-friendly way. The fact that it is so affordable, from just $69.95 for smaller groups, is just icing on the cake.