Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort of Belize renews its strategic SEO marketing agreement with SlickRockWeb Inc.


MINNEAPOLIS, MN - June 1, 2005 - SlickRockWeb Inc. (http://www.slickrockweb.com) is pleased to announce the renewal of its search engine optimization (SEO) agreement with Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort of Belize. Under the terms of the agreement SlickRockWeb is responsible for promoting and optimizing Kanantik’s website in order to increase its rankings in the major search engines. SlickRockWeb utilizes a variety of methods to increase the "natural" or organic ranking of the Kanantik website. Currently the Kanantik website ranks #1, #3, and #4 respectively for "luxury Belize resort", "all inclusive Belize", and "honeymoon in Belize" on Google.com. SlickRockWeb will also continue to manage and optimize the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for Kanantik which are used to complement the organic search engine rankings.

"We are pleased with the efforts of SlickRockWeb to date and look forward to a continued successful SEO marketing agreement with them", said Francesco Moscatelli co-owner of Kanantik. "Establishing a strong relationship with a top SEO firm such as SlickRockWeb Inc. has proven to be one of our most cost effective means to advertise and promote our business."

"Kanantik is the premier luxury and all-inclusive resort in Belize and we are pleased that Kanantik has extended their SEO agreement with SlickRockWeb", said Eric Nelson, Chief Technical Officer of SlickRockWeb. "We will continue to provide Kanantik with leading edge search engine optimization services and look forward to continued successes in increasing their online resort bookings".

SlickRockWeb has quickly grown its suite of services to stay in step with the changing landscape of search engine technology. Advertising and promoting online services through search engine placement has become the greatest advance within the advertising and marketing industry within the 21st century. Because of search engine technology and the internet, regional small businesses can now compete on a national and even global scale. Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising gives an organization the ability to easily track, measure, and analyze targeted traffic to their websites. Standard metrics like ROI and sales conversions, as they relate to individual online advertising campaigns, can be quickly evaluated.

SlickRockWeb fills the growing needs of small businesses to take advantage of this cost effective form of advertising. Because SlickRockWeb is very cognizant of the ethical standards set by the search engines, SlickRockWeb has been able to achieve for its clients lasting high placements within the search engines.

About SlickRockWeb.com

SlickRockWeb Inc. (http://www.slickrockweb.com ) is a leading provider of affordable search engine optimization (SEO) and placement services. SlickRockWeb creates and manages cost-effective PPC campaigns and can improve a website’s organic ranking in the search engines. SlickRockWeb also provides a full suite of web development, web makeovers and custom designs, ebusiness solutions, and web marketing strategies. Currently SlickRockWeb services clients in three countries with market capitalization’s under 20 million dollars.

About Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort

Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort (http://www.kanantik.com ) has quickly become one of the premier all inclusive eco-sensitive resorts in Belize. The resort consists of 25 separate, individual air-conditioned beach-front cabanas, each indulgently spacious and luxurious. Guests can relax on 1,300 feet of unspoiled private beach or explore 300 acres of pristine terrain teeming with exotic wildlife. The all-inclusive price covers not only the accommodations and top-notch cuisine but also daily guided adventures such as scuba-diving on the reef, hiking into a jaguar preserve, or canoeing down a jungle river searching for manatees.