Outlook Spam Filter 3.0: Have you ever thought that your e-mails are subjects for spam check?


Novosibirsk, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2005 -- SoftLogica LLC announces Outlook Spam Filter 3.0, a Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 add-on designed to keep your Inbox clean of unsolicited emails.

Outlook Spam Filter works under Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and supports Exchange, POP3, IMAP and HTTP email accounts.

Outlook Spam Filter identifies incoming spam messages using Bayesian algorithm. This filtering technology is one of the most accurate and reliable approaches of differentiating spam and not spam messages nowadays. The algorithm applies the results of statistical analysis of more than 30 000 real spam letters.

Auto-learning feature increases the filtration accuracy by analysis of user’s personal correspondence. If some letters from your friends or other good emails were accidentally filtered as spam, you can correct this mistake by marking these letters as trustworthy. They will be moved back to the "Inbox" folder, and their senders will be added to the Friends List. The Bayesian filter will be updated, and the similar massages will be automatically filtered as good in the future. If Outlook Spam Filter was unable to catch some spam emails automatically, you can mark these messages as spam. The Bayesian filter will be updated to recognize similar messages in the future, selected messages will be moved to the "Spam" folder, and their senders will be added to the Enemies List.

You can manually edit the "Friends" and "Enemies" lists in order to choose people from whom you want or do not want to receive mail. The Friends/Enemies Lists may include names, email addresses, entire domains, and wildcards. When you run Outlook Spam Filter for the first time, all contacts from your Address Book are added automatically to your Friends List. The program can automatically add outgoing mail recipients into the Friends List to guarantee that you will never miss messages from your permanent correspondents. You can also create your own list of allowed and banned words and phrases.

What’s new in version 3.0: Have you ever thought that you’re on another side of “spam battle barricade”? Your correspondence is tested by various spam filtering solutions before it reaches the recipients. Outlook Spam Filter 3.0 is able to check your outgoing mail for potential risk of being filtered out as spam. With this new feature you can be sure that your letters will be always delivered.

Note: In contrast to common practices Outlook Spam Filter doesn’t delete messages recognized as spam. All caught spam is moved to a separate folder outside of your Inbox giving you an opportunity to review these e-mails later.

Pricing and Availability: The 30-day trial version with full set of features: Outlook Spam Filter is priced at $29 (USD) per license. Volume discounts are available. We provide free technical support by e-mail ( and by phone (+7.3833.306149). More info:

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