X2Net Recent Documents ensures you will never lose track of a file again


X2Net Limited announces the release of X2Net Recent Documents V2.0, the
latest version of their popular file and document tracking utility for

An extension to Windows Explorer, X2Net Recent Documents keeps track of
documents as you use them, much like the Recent Documents item on the
Start Menu in Windows itself. But that is where the similarity ends.
Unlike the standard Windows Recent Documents offering X2Net Recent
Documents provides the ability to subsequently find and open those
documents in a whole host of useful ways.

X2Net Recent Documents actually appears inside Windows Explorer itself,
much like My Documents, My Computer and My Network Places do. Opening
the X2Net Recent Documents node in Explorer presents you with a variety
of ways to find the document you are looking for. You can find
documents by date (Today, Yesterday, Last Week etc.); by application
(Word, Excel, Photoshop etc.); by type (music, pictures etc); and even
by categories that you define yourself. Once installed all this
tracking and categorization happens completely automatically as you
work with your documents.

You could categorize documents by client for example, or maybe by
general use, for example having a category that contained different
types of account related documents. A single document can appear in
multiple categories, so a spreadsheet you created to accompany the
accounts of one of your clients could appear in the application/excel
category, in a category specifically for that client and in your
accounting category too, as well as automatically appearing in a
category related to the date you last accessed it.

Full integration with Windows Explorer means that X2Net Recent
Documents even appears inside the standard Windows File Open dialogs.
You can now find and open documents by type, by date last referenced
and by categories you have defined yourself.

Useful to anybody who uses Microsoft Windows, X2Net Recent Documents
brings an additional and more productive way of working to the Windows
File System, saving time and avoiding the frustration of being unable
to remember where on your hard drive you saved that important document.

X2Net Recent Documents will run on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP or Server 2003.

X2Net Recent Documents is priced at 19.99 US Dollars plus any applicable taxes.

A fully functional evaluation version, screenshots and more information are available from http://www.x2net.com/recentdocuments.