New version of HDDlife: implementing users' suggestions


New version of HDDlife: implementing users' suggestions.


July 5, 2005 - BinarySense, Ltd. releases HDDlife Pro version 2.5.


Pro is a convenient and functional program allowing you to completely
monitor the state of the hard drive on your computer. With this
program, it is possible to control all important changes in the state
of the hard drive and thus protect the safety of your personal data!


first professional version of the program HDDlife was presented on the
market at the beginning of April this year. Hundreds of users have
registered the program since then. We took into account their
suggestions while developing HDDlife version 2.5 and added the
following features to the program owing to those suggestions:

  Information about free space on disks. 

- Displaying information about disk partitions, its total size and free (available) space

- AnywhereView™ integration - displaying free disk space on the disk icons in any application.

- Correctly supporting space quotas in Windows 2000/XP/2003 (the amount of space available for the current user is displayed).

Integrating into the notification system - it is possible to send a
notification about the lack of free disk space over the network or by

configuration of the notification system. We developed a new control
element that will allow you to activate separate notification types for
each state of the hard drive in a convenient and easy way.

- All settings are in one dialog box now.

- It is possible to activate notifications in any order.

  The system of automatic updates via the Internet is improved


HDDlife Pro supports IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI disks.  On initial execution, the program=s JustNow feature displays the life status of the hard drive. Throughout daily computer usage, HDDlife Pro=s
AnywhereView feature allows users to monitor hard drive condition in
any application, so work does not have to be interrupted whenever there
is a question about the drive
functional status. HDDlife Pro issues alerts, including via e-mail and
network messaging, whenever function or drive temperature may be
compromised and data is at risk. Simple enough for even the home user
to interpret, the program requires no specialized computer skills or
mechanical knowledge. All the features of HDDlife Pro are described at http://www.hddlife.com/eng/index.html  .


free trial version will allow you to see for yourself how convenient
and functional HDDlife Pro is without prior financial costs. 


BinarySense offers many cost-effective licensing options starting at USD $29.00 for a single-user license.  Registered
users get priority technical support, free updates to current releases,
and discounts for new-release upgrades. A freeware version is available
with limited functions.  A Microsoft Windows
J 2000/XP/2003 platform is required.



Alexander Ivanov

BinarySense, Ltd.


E-mail: press@hddlife.com


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More information about HDDlife Pro: http://www.hddlife.com/eng/features.html

Direct evaluation download URL: http://www.hddlife.com/HDDlife.exe

Screenshot URL: http://www.hddlife.com/eng/screenshots.html

Free evaluation license is available for the editor on request.

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