Launch Amara Flash Photo Animation Software


This professional but
easy-to-use tool lets users create exciting, interactive movies with
flowing motions, by creating paths through their still digital images.
Users just click to define key points anywhere in their photos, forming
a timeline, and then assign functions to each key point such as zoom
in/zoom out, fade in/fade out and pause. It is also easy to add text
and hyperlinks to key points in the photos.


Another option is to
turn panorama photos into a 360-degree panning view. Great for virtual
tours, showing website visitors around a house or office. Of users can
let visitors freely 'walk', i.e. scroll through photos using their
mouse. Large, detailed photos can be zoomed into deeply, and no longer
need to take up the whole screen.


With Amara Flash Photo Animation Software" href="http://www.amarasoftware.com/flash-photo-animations.htm">Amara Flash Photo Animation Software,
users don't need programming skills or knowledge of Flash. The program
saves people considerable time and effort, while giving them the
professional results they want. A virtual tour of one complex image, or
an entire slideshow of many photos - it's all possible with this Photo
Animation Software.


The program creates
an SWF file that can be used directly in websites, as well as in
programs such as PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash and Director, HTML
editors, etc.


Amara Flash Photo Animation Software" href="http://www.amarasoftware.com/flash-photo-animations.htm">Amara Flash Photo Animation Softwareis
a trialware program, so anyone can first try out the free shareware
version before deciding to buy it. The unregistered version can be
downloaded for free from the Amara Software website, and is fully
functional, but the 'save' function is disabled. In order to save
creations, users must get the registered version by purchasing Amara
Flash Photo Animation Software for just US$49.95 via the secure payment
service link on the Amara Software website. Once they've bought it,
users will get free updates forever.


With this new software package, Amara has created a 'brother' for its successful Flash Slideshow Software" href="http://www.amarasoftware.com/flash-slide-show.htm">Flash Slideshow Software (http://www.amarasoftware.com/flash-slide-show.htm),
launched in June 2004. Amara Flash Photo Animation Software is the
fifth program in Amara Software's range of creative Flash applications
that are taking the Flash tool market by storm.


More information
about Amara Flash Photo Animation Software
(www.amarasoftware.com/flash-photo-animations.htm) is available on the
website, where you can also see some working examples of photo slide
shows created with the program:. For any other questions, please e-mail
the program's creator at amara@amarasoftware.com.


Amara Software" href="http://www.amarasoftware.com/">Amara Software is the developer of no-nonsense Flash programs, making it easier for people to create Flash elements for their website.


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