New Company That Gets Consumers Out of Their Cellular Contract


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"Celltradeusa.com Establishes Online Community to Get Millions of Consumers Out of their Cell Phone Contract without Penalty"

NEW YORK, July 8, 2005--Celltradeusa.com announces the launch of the world’s first online service that gives cellular customers a way out of their cellular phone contracts without paying high early termination fees. The new service establishes an online community to connect millions of consumers seeking alternative, but effective options when dealing with cellular service provider issues.

Cellular service providers such as Cingular, Verizon, T-mobile, and Nextel require a 1-2 year cellular service agreement to activate their service. After signing a binding contract, cellular customers often find that their service doesn’t meet their changing needs. Until now, customers that were dissatisfied had two options to exit their contract-, pay a $150-$250 early contract termination fee or they could transfer their contract responsibility to someone else.

Cellular customers wanting to get out of their contract would often get meager results from asking friends and family to take over, and those same customers would remain "stuck" to avoid costly termination fees.

Celltradeusa.com provides a solution to this dilemma. The new online service establishes a community for the 180 million current cell phone users in the US and Canada seeking more choice and flexibility. The service connects people that want to Get Out of their contract and matches them with deal-seeking customers that want to Get In. Celltradeusa.com does this by allowing its Get Out members to register for free, and provides an incentive system based on free phones, cash, and other "creative" barter arrangements to entice other people to take over contracts.

"If you’ve ever spoken with someone stuck in a cellular service contract with inadequate service, you quickly realize the value of the Get OutTM option. We also appeal to the deal seekers of the cellular world with the Get InTM option. And the service provider gets the new satisfied customer, it’s really a win-win for everybody," says Eric Wurtenberg, co-founder of Celltradeusa.com.

Now that the FCC in 2003 has authorized the option to allow consumers to keep their cell phone numbers when switching carriers, the question now becomes how many cell phone customers in the US would switch carriers given the right opportunity, but haven’t in the past because of their contract and/or early contract termination fees?

Celltradeusa.com Get Out and Get In members can now switch carriers when they want regardless of how many months left in their contracts, avoid those high termination fees, and take their numbers with them.

(Celltradeusa.com is always Free to register, but is a paid subscription service that helps to avoid $150-250 termination fees. Celltradeusa.com fees are 19.99 for the person getting out of their contract and always Free for the person getting In.) For further information, go to www.celltradeusa.com/press/ and please speak with Eric Wurtenberg at 1-888-991-6177)