New Version 10.0 of AMF Daily Planner & P.I.M. Offers Comprehensive Features for Less Than $50


Warwick, RI -- AMF announces a new release of AMF Daily Planner &
Personal Information Manager (PIM) version 10.0, a powerful
Internet-enabled application that offers advanced scheduling
capabilities, contact and task management, network sharing with user
privileges, email, expense management, journal functionality and more
in an intuitive, simple-to-use interface.

The newest release of this 10-year-old program offers a whole host of
new features including an updated interface, a completely re-written
database engine making use of .Net and SQL frameworks, full network
support with an embedded email client, an expense reporter, a journal
capability, enhanced scheduling capabilities, and much more. With AMF
Daily Planner & PIM, important dates and events are impossible to
forget with numerous reminder methods, calendar prompts, and e-mails
prior to the event. With the enhanced network support, users can even
email each other about events and meetings and have them
automatically added to the calendar. AMF Daily Planner's folder model
allows one to store groups of events, activities, contacts, or
virtually any other object in a specific folder. Imagine having each
of your employee's schedules neatly organized in a speficic folder
while still maintaining the ability to view the master schedule. AMF
Daily Planner makes personal information management easy.

The contact management part of the program allows storage of a myriad
of data and even offers user-customizable fields -- all in a
Rolodex-style interface. With each contact, creating letters,
envelopes, faxes, or dialing the phone is as easy as one click. With
the included expense reporter, expesnes can be logged, reports, and
monitored making it easy to keep track of finances. The journal
feature allows users to keep a running log of daily acitvities and events.

The included email client makes it easy to keep track of messages and
send correspondence to colleagues -- all from one program.
Sophisticated searching capabilities are speedy and thorough which
makes locating key data easy. The task manager allows you to keep
track of tasks, their percentage of completion, their due dates and
more. The program even lets you store notes and information tidbits,
fully organized and easily accessible. A comprehensive help file
offers to guide you through common tasks and actions.

The PIM offers a multitude of features making it easy to dial the
phone, fax documents using any fax software package, log incoming and
outgoing phone calls, create business letters, and schedule
appointments. It's easy to create envelopes and labels with multiple
fonts and colors. It even integrates with Microsoft Word. The program
is fully network-able allowing you to open and view a colleague's
data or simply share a company-wide contact directory -- perfect for
one or one thousand users. Importing data from Outlook, text, XML,
or Access databases is just a few clicks away using the revolutionary, easy to use, Import Wizard.

System Requirements:
AMF Daily Planner & PIM runs on Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. It requires approximately 40 MB of free disk space.

Pricing Information and Availability:
AMF Daily Planner & PIM is available now.
AMF Daily Planner & PIM costs $49.95 (USD).
Discounts and site licenses are available.
Ordering information is available at http://www.amfsoftware.com/order.html

More Information:
More information on AMF Daily Planner & PIM can be obtained from


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