Globex Software Simplifies Globalization Challenges for Everyone!


Globex Software Simplifies Globalization Challenges for Everyone!


Ottawa, Canada - July 27, 2005 - Globex 3.0 has been released by Cosmin Smeu. Globex is an award winning suite of integrated tools featuring: "World Clock", "Currency Exchanger", "Measurement Converter", "Country Info Browser", and the "Currency Info Browser".

The Globex application suite is of great help to businesses of all sizes that deal with international clients & partners, as well as to business travelers that frequently travel overseas. It is also helpful to sales professionals, internet surfers, and vacationers.

The World Clock tool displays the time in major cities from around the world. It includes over 260 major cities covering all time zones. It adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings Time (DST) for any location that is observing DST.

The Currency Exchanger tool enables you to convert amounts of money from a country's currency into another country's currency. It contains all the world's currencies (over 150). The latest currency exchange rates can be updated automatically by the software from the internet, at the user's request.

The Measurement Converter tool allows users to perform conversions between metric, US, and British imperial measurement units. It includes most units from these measurement systems which are logically categorized in 5 categories: length, mass, area, volume, temperature.

The Country Info Browser and Currency Info Browser tools provide useful information about countries and currencies, and allow users to access a wealth of information on the internet by pointing them to a web page customized for each country or currency.

Globex also comes in a professional flavor called Globex Pro 3.0 which features the tools: "World Time Converter", "Currency Filter", as well as North American area phone codes for the "World Clock" tool.

The World Time Converter is a variation on the World Clock tool that facilitates scheduling of international conference calls. It enables users to convert time between different locations around the world.

Both Globex and Globex Pro run on all 32-bit Windows flavors ( XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95 ) and feature both install and uninstall support.

The software is available in English and French. Partial support is also included for German, Spanish, and Romanian. Users can switch between languages during program operation.

Trial versions for both Globex and Globex Pro are available at www.cosmin.com for download. The trial versions are fully functional with limited number of cities, currencies, and cities supported.

The software can be purchased: online (secure form), by phone (toll-free), fax, and postal mail. Globex is priced at $20 US per user, while Globex Pro is priced at $50 US per user.

For more information visit: www.cosmin.com

The software was developed by Cosmin Smeu, an Ottawa, Canada, based software developer.

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Full versions are available upon request, for press evaluations and reviews.

Globex and Globex Pro have won numerous awards and distinctions from software web sites and computer magazines. For a sampling of awards/distinctions bestowed upon the software, visit:

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