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200 Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware Tips to Help Increase Computer Security and Privacy


200 Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware Tips to Help Increase Computer Security and Privacy

Knoxville, TN -- Computer help Web site MalekTips (http://malektips.com/spyware/) today announced the expansion of its adware and spyware removal tips, now numbering over 200. The collection includes spyware terminology definitions, a description of problems adware and spyware can cause, tips on installing and using various anti-spyware applications, prevention advice, and more.

Thousands of viewers utilize the MalekTips computer help library each month for computer and technology tips. With this new addition, MalekTips now offers over 2,600 tips in categories such as removing spyware, getting more out of the Windows (c) operating system, digital photography, word processing, spreadsheets, and searching the Internet.

"Recent reports and the creation of a new coalition to battle spyware emphasize that the problem of adware and spyware is not going away," said Andrew Malek, owner of MalekTips. "Both types of malware can wreck your privacy, slow down your computer to a crawl, repeatedly pop up intrusive ads, add rogue icons to your desktop, and cost you time and money. Our expanded information library hopes to shed more light on this problem, plus offer more advice on what can be done to curtail this menace."

Some of the latest advice on MalekTips includes:

* Further information on utilities that scan for and remove spyware from your machine
* What are "drive-by downloads" and how they can reduce your privacy and security
* Keeping popular anti-spyware software up-to-date with the latest malware definitions
* Links to third-party Web sites that can further help determine if adware or spyware is on your machine

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