Fully-Managed OLAP Component Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005


August 9, 2005. 9Rays.Net, the producer of award winning tools and components for software application developers worldwide, announced the availability of the first OLAP component expressly designed for .NET Framework.

“We’ve been offering high-end components to BI application developers for several years,” said Kate Mokhoff, the head of 9Rays.Net marketing department. “And some time ago we realized that there was a strong demand for a highly intelligent component to implement dynamic data analysis and interactive report creation. This made us steer our efforts towards the creating of OLAP ModelKit, a powerful solution for .NET Business Intelligence developers.”

OLAP ModelKit v.1.0 is a cutting-edge OLAP component for .NET intended to be used for creating smart decision support systems. OLAP ModelKit allows software application developers to embed the highly efficient OLAP technology in any Windows applications based on relational data. The embedded product will allow the end users to interact with huge databases infinitely summarizing and exploring data in order to keep up to the present day standards. OLAP ModelKit enables its user to view any amount of data in any way considered to be suitable at the moment as well as to perform interactive analysis of any type and quality using any selected capabilities such as data filtering, drilling down, rolling up, dimensional pivoting or ranking.

Some selected features are as follows:

* OLAP ModelKit is a component written in fully managed code and provides integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003;
* It has an XP Themed appearance and attractive and comprehensible User Interface which makes it easy and convenient to use the product;
* It is capable to use any .NET data sources (ADO.NET, IList and IList Source);
* An unlimited number of dimensions and measures;
* The product flexibility is additionally extended by the ability to present data via any third party chart components;
* Full source code in C# is available. A developer is given an ability to control his/her application’s further destiny;
* Runtime is royalty free. The product can be distributed in applications at no extra charge.

9Rays’ team is confident that OLAP ModelKit is to grow into a perfect solution for .NET developers as it would significantly cut down the outlay while building effective decision support systems.

Availability and Pricing

OLAP ModelKit runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT4.x/2003. It is available as two royalty free Licensing options: Standard Edition, Source Code Edition and is licensed per computer.

The cost starts at $300.

A fully functional evaluation version is available as a free download at:


Product page link:


Company website: http://www.9rays.net

E-mail: pr1@9rays.net

Company information

Founded in 2001, 9Rays.Net has gained wide experience on the tools and components market, developing high-quality products for the following platforms: Microsoft .NET (Windows.Forms and ASP.Net), Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, and ActiveX. The company's primary product focus is on development of .Net tools and components compatible with Visual Studio .Net, C# Builder, Delphi.Net and other IDEs for .Net Framework.