Much anticipated Spiritual Healing Center opens in Bingham Farms, MI.


Bingham Farms, MI. -- August 16, 2005--Looking for a way to re-connect with your self, de-stress, grow, and connect with your spiritual energy? Do you want to learn to use holistic healing techniques and heal using the natural gifts of a psychic/medium?

The Karmic Connection offers a place for people to heal through various workshops and classes. As one client said, “It gives us a safe and peaceful place to receive messages from the other side. It is nice to know it is comfortable enough here to relax and feel safe.” The essence of the center is tranquility, peace, warmth and healing.

The center is co-owned by the renown, Psychic Readings by Cookie. According to Cookie, “I opened the center so my existing and future clients will have a much more personal and healing space to be in”. She further explains, “I wanted a place where people can not only get readings and messages from the other side, but also a place where they can grow, heal, and share with several different workshops and support groups. That is my lifetime goal, and that is what we have created here.”

Cookie has been working in this field in Metro Detroit for over 16 years. Her client list boasts over 300 people in Detroit and through out the U.S., including prominent business owners and celebrities. She has located missing people and children, gives messages and/or guidance on personal matters such as financial, health, and family issues. She is best known for her work contacting loved ones on the other side and psychic readings. She also is known as a “Spirit Hunter”, visiting homes and businesses for strange occurrences and strong messages from departed loved ones. She has been written about in local papers and does readings at several local restaurants through out Metro Detroit.

The Karmic Connection also provides clients with all types of healing work by, Gabriela’s Healing from the Heart. Gabriela, a local yoga teacher, spiritual healer, guidance counselor and medical intuitive specializes in diabetic, heart, cancer and stress therapy. She also conducts several workshops including, but not limited to, Stress and Relaxation, Alternative Beauty Methods, and Feng Shui. In addition, starting this fall, various support groups will be held at the center.

The center will be hosting a study group based on the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know!” starring Marlee Matlin in September 2005.

The Karmic Connection offers a small gift shop with unique, inexpensive items. There is a “Helping Hands” board that is available for all clients and guests of the center to network free of charge.

Hours of The Karmic Connection are by appointment only. Call for workshop topics, dates, and times.

For more information contact:

Cookie (248) 539 9065
Lisa Smith (248) 594 3431
The Karmic Connection
31100 Telegraph Rd. Suite 150
Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Email: Thekarmicconnect@aol.com