Los Angeles, CA – Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group - VMG World Wide (vmgworldwide.com) - marked it tenth anniversary of internet access, August 14th, 2005. In those ten years, VMG/Vandor has earned over 200 Gold and Platinum Plaques, dozens of Grammy Nominations and charted over 2,600 Artists world wide via its Bobby Farrell International Network (BFIN).

Founded by industry-maverick, General Bobby Farrell, who recorded for Cozy Records from 1943 until 1954, Vandor Music Group has grown from a one-track studio in 1959 at Dayton, Ohio, into one of the surviving Super Seven General Licensers with release, promotion, sub-publishing, distribution, license and manufacture world wide. A fire-breather, Bobby Farrell has kept the industry doors open to independent Film Producers, Artists, Record and Concert Producers, Labels, Songwriters, Script Writers, Authors, Publishers, Promoters, Agents and Managers for more than forty-five years.

Vandor/VMG World Wide boasts an affiliated roster of over 400 labels, 360 publishers, six motion picture companies, five advertising agencies, and an unnumbered amount of recording studios and production facilities around the world and is represented by producers, agents and managers in all 220 countries. Flagship labels include: Vandor International; VMG World Wide; VMG; BFM, the original label; and Juke Records of Tennessee, established in 1895, the oldest continuous label in existence.

Bobby Farrell International Network (BFIN) Radio Promotion Division began with the motto: "Get it heard!"; in concert with Vandor/VMG's motto: "Vandor's Doors Are Always Open!" The current roster of BFIN music (.../promotions.htm) is an awesome 800 selections, and includes some of the biggest names and companies in the industry.

"Little" Bobby Farrell made his first public appearance at WMMN, Fairmont, West Virginia, on the now defunct "Sage Brush Roundup" on December 5th, 1942, and his first recording, "Harbor Lights", February 6th, 1943. He has been on the leading edge of recorded music ever since. Managed by industry legend Howard "Buddy" Mack, and taught to play guitar by famed Black Folk Singer Hudie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter, he is one of the five top BDM in the business.

General Bobby Farrell can be contacted direct at 505 247 4843 during regular business hours, or email thegenral@vmgworldwide.com.