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St.Petersburg, Russian Federation -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2005 -- CEZEO Software announces the release of LanTalk.NET instant messaging software.

You need an instant messaging system, but you want to avoid the risks of information theft and unauthorized access to a corporate network? The thing is that all public IM-services are controlled by third-hand firms. Therefore, nobody can guarantee invulnerability of such services, and that is why intruders are sometimes able to get your information. Moreover, even your employees, using public IM-services, can send important (and secret) information to strangers. Our solution is exactly what you need. LanTalk.NET is a service, which can be completely isolated in your network (by disabling necessary ports in the corporate firewall). The application possesses all features essential for easy messaging within an enterprise local network.

Bringing great ideas to the marketplace requires the best communication tools, tools that navigate quickly around obstacles like busy signals or spam, and which give you instant acknowledgment that you have been understood. Instant messaging is becoming the slickest and most versatile means of communication in business, and CEZEO Software has designed LanTalk.NET to focus on efficiency in keeping people in touch.

For most mid-size companies with networks linking up to 1000 computers, LanTalk.NET is the optimum solution for messaging and file transfer via attachment, practically replacing corporate e-mail. And because LanTalk.NET is a serverless application, administrative tasks and costs disappear. The highly configurable interface and Help systems get even novice users messaging with a minimal learning curve.

CEZEO has a variety of site licensing packages for LanTalk.NET based on volume, the details of which are located at CEZEO software website. Customizing of LanTalk.NET is an option for an additional fee. CEZEO offers a 30-day trial period with the fully-functional program, which runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems.

CEZEO Software specializes in network communication and security software with a focus on IM serverless technologies that is simple to install and use.

Pavel Sokolov
CEZEO Software

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