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Ulead Announces Free Beta Preview of Updated MediaStudio Pro Video Editing Package


Taiwan -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2005 -- Ulead Systems, Inc., a 16-year industry leader in video, image and DVD software, today announced the availability of the beta pre-release version of Ulead® MediaStudio® Pro 8, the latest version Ulead's professional video editing software, with final release set for Q3 2005. The new release incorporates a wide range of enhancements including a new single track editing interface, Smart Proxy mode for efficient HDV editing, advanced color correction, 5.1 audio editing, and Smart Compositor, an all new tool, for quickly creating professional composited sequences for openings or segues.

"We are very excited to give users this early look at MediaStudio Pro 8", said Lewis Liaw, president of Ulead Systems. "We think professionals and enthusiasts will find this new version powerful, versatile and intuitive. Smart Compositor and Smart Proxy will have jaws dropping."

MediaStudio Pro 8 incorporates major advances in workflow and usability. The new single-track interface allows for multiple timelines and virtual clips, plus transitions on every track. For controlling effects, the Keyframe Manager now offers large buttons and expandable view for precise positioning. To further streamline workflow, users can drag, resize and distort overlays directly in the full-size preview window.

"Ulead's single-track editing model is a triumph," said Terry Stetler, video producer, beta tester and moderator of the MediaStudio Pro User Forum. "The new workflow maintains the intuitiveness of the traditional A/B roll, overlaying clips as before; but the software now permits transitions and overlay settings on all tracks, including titles! Users get the best of both worlds - Ulead really got it right."

Unique Smart Compositor
A significant new feature in MediaStudio Pro 8 is the Smart Compositor, a unique tool that allows users to dramatically speed the creation of complex, eye-catching opening sequences and segues employing masks, frames and moving paths. Users simply select a theme, add their own video or images, modify the text and set the background music. Composited sequences then appear in the MediaStudio Pro 8 timeline as virtual clips that can be opened and further edited to conform to the style of the production. Smart Compositor delivers speedy turnaround without the 'cookie cutter' effect of templates.

"You expect the unexpected from Ulead - easy to use and affordable solutions to complex and potentially expensive problems," said Mike Gunter, after his HDV editing presentation at the Wedding and Event Videographer's Association's WEVA EXPO 2005. Gunter is the Chairperson of WEVA's HD committee and teaches and lectures to about 2500 people each year. "It is exciting that moving to HDV is now within the reach of everyone," Gunter said. "With the Smart Compositor and other intuitive tools within MSP8, HDV couldn't be easier."

Future-ready HDV Support
MediaStudio Pro 8 is indeed future-ready with extensive HDV support. Users can capture from the latest HDV camcorders and decks, then edit either in full-resolution lossless native format, or Smart Proxy mode. Building on MediaStudio Pro's renowned flexibly and robustness in working with different video formats, the software lets producers mix and match formats such as DV, MPEG, and HDV on the timeline with confidence. MediaStudio Pro 8 furthermore supports formats such as WMV-HD and 24P, and offers output options to SD, HD, or back to DV, analog or HDV device.

Smart Proxy offers users real-time HDV editing on mid-range or mobile machines. With Smart Proxy enabled, MediaStudio Pro automatically creates lower-resolution, resource-friendly copies of project clips in the background. Final output always links back to the original full-resolution files, making the process completely transparent and lossless. Smart Proxy offers an attractive solution for producers shooting HDV who want to edit on the go, as well as for collaborative editing. Users can package and share proxies among multiple editors and then combine their work as multiple timelines referring back to original footage.

Additional MediaStudio Pro 8 Enhancements
Other enhancements in the release include a new Audio Editor offering channel steering to create Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround audio tracks, even allowing upsampling from standard stereo tracks. The product also boasts an all-new Title Tool with dramatic text effects and animation. SmartSound Auto Music Maker enables users to create custom royalty-free soundtracks which precisely match the duration of the video, and built-in DVD authoring with templates lets users author single- or double-layer discs.

MediaStudio offers a professional, yet easy-to-use, approach to video editing suitable for video enthusiasts, newly-professional video editors, documentary filmmakers, wedding/event videographers and media producers in corporate and education. It is also a logical choice for those who want to step up into the world of professional video editing, sharing many UI elements with Ulead's VideoStudio®. Users of this consumer video editing tool can even import their existing projects into MediaStudio Pro. Professionals who use other NLEs will find Smart Compositor a valuable addition to their toolkit for quick-turnaround jobs that still have to look high-end.

Pricing and Availability
The free preview beta version is available for download immediately from the Ulead Website at http://www.ulead.com/msp/runme.htm.

The box and electronic download versions of MediaStudio Pro 8 will be available in October for $399.99 through retail channels and Ulead Websites. Upgrade versions will be available for current MediaStudio Pro and VideoStudio users from Ulead Websites.

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