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Slender Lady & Day Spa of Phoenix, welcomes former members of Naturally Women Fitness Centers.


Slender Lady & Day Spa of Phoenix opened its doors November 1, 2004 and continues to grow while others struggle. This is wonderful news for members of Naturally Women fitness centers in Arizona. With many Naturally Women centers closing their doors all over the valley members can take this opportunity to find a new club that still caters to women without having to travel out of their way to work-out. In fact with so many Naturally Women centers shutting down in Phoenix, Metro area members are encouraged to check out the Slender Lady closest to them. Just click on or copy paste for your closest location.

The owner, Debie O’Mara, says she welcomes all ages and abilities to come and work out. She personally trains the new members on all equipment to be certain it is a exercise they can do correctly but most importantly without harm. She strongly suggests that those with health conditions come and try Slender Lady out for a couple of weeks before signing up; this of course, is offered at no charge.

Georgette Wiggs, a 95 years old, member, proves any age can and should exercise if they are able. Georgette, suffers from Diabetes and Neuropathy of the feet, but still manages to work-out twice a week for 1 ½ hours. Georgette states that she would love to work-out more often if only she had the transportation.

Slender Lady’s body sculpting equipment accommodates everyone, whether young or old, fit or unfit. It is safe and gentle on joints and provides a complete workout, without lingering muscle aches or soreness.

After 30 minutes of combining strength and aerobic exercise, you will have strengthened all of your major muscle groups, burned calories, toned your body and benefited from an excellent cardio-vascular workout.

Included in your membership is the addition of Nautilus Cardio equipment, free weights and stretching room were one can work out to their favorite exercise program with all the room needed. Slender Lady also makes available One-on-One Nutritional Support and at a very reasonable price to help accelerate the member’s personal weight loss goals.

Among other amenities, Slender Lady offer’s Massage Therapy with many different modalities to choose from. They offer Hot Stone, and the newest most relaxing method of obtaining a body wrap without all of the need of tight bandage wrapping. This is great for those of us who are fearful of that constraining tight feeling and just want a wonderful therapeutic treatment. And for those wishing to indulge why not combine your treatment with a Noevir Facial, Photo Light Rejuvenation, Waxing or Body Scrub?

Call today 602-242-SLIM (7546) to receive your free figure analysis using Slender Vision a unique program that uses statistical background information to accurately show how the body will change through proper nutrition and exercise. Slender Lady wants you to “See the You of Tomorrow, Today!” Call 602-242-7546. They are located on the East side of I-17 and the North side of Northern, directly behind Nick's Frame Shop and Marie Callender's in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

And always remember that at Slender Lady & Day Spa of Phoenix “Your Possibilities are Endless!”