Digital Documents, LLC

Digital Documents, LLC Releases Their Document Scanning Services Vendor Evaluation Matrix


Viena, Virgina -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2005 -- Document scanning converts paper documents into searchable and more usable electronic files. Digital Documents, LLC can provide images and data in over 240 formats. Clients that have their documents scanned are often able to demonstrate tangible and measurable benefits, and frequently realize increased profits and revenue with dramatically reduced document management costs and expenses as they unlock the true value of the information trapped in their documents.

“We understand the difficulty and frustration that our potential clients experience in our industry when selecting a partner to help them solve their critical document management issues and problems. As such, we wanted to offer the market a tool that will allow organizations to quickly, easily and accurately compare the document scanning and imaging service offerings, project approaches, quality commitments and total project costs when comparing a number of potential vendor's proposed solutions and prices" stated James M. Eglin, Jr., Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing in making this announcement.

Digital Documents, LLC's document scanning and imaging services are based on a fixed-unit pricing model, without hidden, hourly, monthly, hosting or software fees or charges.

About Digital Documents, LLC;
We were founded in 2001 to support the document management needs of Private and Public Sector clients. At that time, we felt that there was considerable room for improvement in commercially available production-level document scanning and indexing solutions.

As such, we developed our own suite of production level tools and utilities (dDSpeedScan©, dDOptimaOCR©, dDImageCode©, dDMetaMax©, dDTextIndex© and dDShrinkIt®). These integrated and workflow based applications allow us to provide the highest levels of image and data quality possible. This has been validated by at least a dozen recent quality comparisons conducted by some of the largest and most demanding organizations in the country.

We have successfully completed over 500 document scanning projects within a variety of industry vertical markets and have provided our services to clients throughout the United States. In addition, we are currently supporting the global document management needs of several clients.

With an average project size of about 6 million documents, and the ability to process over 400,000 documents per shift, we are confident that we have the skills, experience, procedures, and infrastructure to assist you with this effort. Furthermore, all tasks associated with your project will be completed in the United States—we do not need to use the services of off-shore vendors.