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SafeSystem by GemiScorp, the perfect complement to any anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to keep the systems safe and secure


Miami, Florida -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2005 -- Users would be wrong to think they were fully protected against viruses and other malicious codes just because they installed an anti-virus program. The mere installation of an anti-virus program is not enough, but just the first step in protecting a computer against viruses, trojan horses and worms. Computer users must be diligent about keeping their anti-virus programs always updated; and even regular updating is not enough either, considering that usually it takes hours or even days for the anti-virus companies to have their programs ready to detect and neutralize any newly discovered virus. What can users do to protect their systems in these interim situations where a computer and its data are extremely vulnerable?

To the rescue comes SafeSystem. This security program protects and guarantees the integrity and well functioning of a computer so it will remain healthy and stable. SafeSystem also protects critical system files from changes due to accidents, malicious manipulation, as well as the destructive action of (known or unknown) computer viruses or other malicious codes.

While SafeSystem doesn't replace an anti-virus program (it doesn't identify and remove viruses), it does what most all anti-virus programs do not do. SafeSystem protects a computer when it is most vulnerable -- the time between anti-virus updates and when unknown viruses or other malicious codes attempt to infect and do harm to the system. SafeSystem is therefore the perfect complement to any anti-virus program, and a must have to keep the systems safe and secure.

Other advantages of using SafeSystem include:

- It will keep important (system or personal) files from being deleted, renamed or altered, either by accident or due to a careless user.
- Files critical to system operation will always be safe and will not be replaced by older versions.
- All installed devices in the system will work correctly because its drivers will not be removed or replaced.
- No new programs will be freely installed in the system.
- No new programs will be freely downloaded from Internet.
- It is able to make files and folders truly invisible to all applications, no matter what file system (FAT, FAT32 or NTFS) the drive is formatted in.

SafeSystem is compatible with all 32-bit Windows versions (Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Server 2003).

Targeted Customers
SafeSystem is primarily of interest to private computer users with an Internet connection, small to medium companies, independent PCs with especially sensitive data and stand-alone systems. In high security offices, this program could easily be considered a must, as the concern for security is very high in such areas as law enforcement, the practice of law, or any other highly secure operation where the privacy of personal information may be driven by prescriptive legal requirements.

Also, because of the very nature of the security features in this program, it will definitely have important use in corporate environments and educational institutions. This program can be easily installed and set up by IS management in such a manner as to offer the organization the necessary protection against user tampering with system files. This will help hold down their total cost of ownership of the protected computers by not having to send IS technical support to fix damaged machines.

A free fully-functional trial version of SafeSystem is available at The product is priced at US$9.95 and can be purchased online in a safe, secure online environment.

About GemiScorp Software Solutions,
GemiScorp provides innovative and quality software solutions for home and corporate users demanding reliable, user friendly and well-supported security and productivity products. GemiScorp has already released four award-winning programs: SafeLogon, SafeSystem, SafeCryptor and LaunchIt NOW! Plus.