The Relief

Gritty VA-Wear is Here!


Finally, wearable gear for the hip, fashionable Virtual Assistant.

Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2005 -- Danielle Keister, principal of The Relief, a Virtual Assistance, Print Media and Web Design practice in Tacoma, Washington, is pleased to announce the arrival of Gritty VA-Wear, a line of screenprinted signature tees and wearable gear for the hip, fashion-conscious Virtual Assistant.

Gritty (grit-ty) adj. 1. Showing resolution and fortitude; courageous: a gritty decision. Synonyms: adventurous, assured, bold, confident, daring, dauntless, determined, fiery, hardy, heroic, high-spirited, indomitable, intrepid, resolute, tenacious, unflinching, valiant.

The Gritty VA is gutsy. She’s savvy and independent. She laughs in the face of mountainous paper piles and fearlessly tames the savage workload! But a girl’s gotta look good while she’s conquering the world.

Enter Gritty VA-Wear!

The Gritty VA ¾ sleeve baby-rib raglan tee is the first of our line of screenprinted signature tees and VA gear. This casual yet saucy style was selected with versatility in mind. It can be worn in any season, and is figure-flattering in any size. Its combed softness and stretchable comfort make it great for your at-home workday, and can be dressed up for a night on the town or to show a hint of your plucky fortitude at business functions and networking events.

And what a great conversation starter when people ask “What is a VA?” It was never so easy to share the word about Virtual Assistance and your Virtual Assistant business while looking good!

The Gritty VA ¾ sleeve raglan tee comes in four trendy dual-color combos with three imprints to choose from:

- Gritty VA
- VA Grrrl
- My VA Rocks (for the VA client)

The sleeves and neck are brightly colored, and smartly accent the contrasting shade of the tee-shirt body. The bottom hem, sleeve and neck bindings are double-stitched for durability.

We’ll be adding capped-sleeve and hoody styles in the coming months, and eventually coming up with a few stylish accessories, and a little sumpin-sumpin for the VA dude.

Gritty VA-Wear is great for:

- Showing your Virtual Assistant pride
- Starting a conversation (“What’s a VA?”)
- Gift-giving to clients and colleagues

Gritty VA-Wear can be purchased directly by visiting