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WSOP 2.0 - Optimize your Website Loading Times


Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2005 -- SoftLogica LLC announces WSOP 2.0, a tool for Website Load Time Testing and Optimization, designed for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

WSOP checks consistency of your website and makes the complete load time analysis for all page elements considering various network connection types. The program assigns a rating (critical, bad, medium, normal, good or perfect) to each webpage depending on a number of errors, slow elements and elements located on external hosts, the size of HTML content and the total size of the page. You can test your site page by page manually or set WSOP to test the whole site automatically. If you want to test a part of your site, you can limit the link depth and/or the overall number of pages to be tested.

WSOP supports the testing of sites secured with SSL (HTTPS) and sites requiring authentication. The program can also record your path through a dynamic web site and simulate the same activity in further tests using the same specific path. WSOP analyzes HTML code of web page and automatically fills forms using actual values of hidden parameters generated by web server and dynamic links. The list of tested pages can be saved as a test scenario to facilitate the process of running repetitive tests.

A set of customizable reports and statistics layouts consolidate test results to help you find specific bottlenecks on the web site. Reports can be printed or saved as HTML documents. Statistics can be exported to MS Excel compatible format. Built-in viewer allows you to browse the HTML source code of a web page with problem elements highlighted and fix the problem without manual code review and search. The program provides suggestions on improvement for each page to keep your site fast-loading.

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The 30-day trial version with full set of features can be downloaded at WSOP is priced at $97 (USD) per license. Volume discounts are available. We provide free technical support by e-mail ( and by phone (+7.383.3306149).

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IT reviewers are encouraged to use this press release and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a free registration key. If you do not consider electronically distributed software, please e-mail us with the details of your postal address and we will send you a jewel case. CD editors are authorized to include the 30-day trial version of WSOP 2.0 in their CD-ROMs.

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