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Karlsruhe, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2005 -- This music-editor can read and graphically display the sound waves from all common audio file formats like Ogg-Vorbis (OGG), Wave Audio (WAV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) and Sun Audio Format (AU). Acoustica can also take the sound track from MPG, MPEG, WMV and AVI videos to edit them just as it does with a song from an audio CD.

The many newcomers to the ever more popular digital audio editing will welcome the new version’s Cleaning Wizard, simplifying the transfer of LP records or audio tapes to CD. The Cleaning Wizard automates the whole process from recording and track splitting to audio restoration and CD-recording. Professional users will appreciate the six band equalizer, automatic noise and scratch-elimination as well as sound effects like reverb, chorus, and others. Stian Aagedal Managing Director of Acon Digital Media knows: “An improved scratch-eliminator helps to restore music files taken from vinyl records. The High Frequency Rebirth breezes new life into old recordings.” The application can also edit the metadata for MP3, Ogg and Wave files, which can contain for example the song title or artist. Stian Aagedal adds: “Those who optimize their music files with Acoustica can use the application to record straight to Audio-CD.”

The new Effect Chain Editor is another addition to Acoustica v3.3. It allows the user to chain internal processing tools and plug-ins. The chains can be saved, including their settings for later use. Each processing step in the chain can be bypassed and the processing order changed by drag and drop.

Acoustica v3.3 is making music editing easy and accessible to the millions of PC users with music files and soundcards. Editing the sound waves makes it easy to move parts of a song through drag and drop. Adding a fade-in or fade-out to a song just takes a mouse click.

The new 3.3 version of Acoustica comes with many other useful additions like dithering and noise shaping; statistics (RMS, DC offsets, loudest peak and more); a new stereo enhancer tool; support for ACID information in wave files; new time formats such as sample index, SMPTE and bars and beats; the addition of a preview button to the file opening dialogue; the option to save regions as a separate file; support for LAME codec if installed and several new usability features.

Price and Availability
Stian Aagedal states: “It is Acon Digital Media’s goal to make digital music editing easy and accessible to every owner of a PC. This is reflected in the pricing for Acoustica.” The application can be downloaded as a 30-day trial version from for free. The full, unlimited version costs $34.90 as electronic delivery or $43.85 on a CD-ROM. Acoustica supports its existing registered users of version 3.x with a free upgrade. Users of earlier versions can upgrade at a reduced cost of only $19.

About Acon Digital Media
Acon Digital Media GmbH is a privately held company founded in April 2003. The specialist developer is committed to furthering the quality of applications within the field of digital media editing. The company publishes its own developments and offers software development services. The audio editor Acoustica previously sold through the Norwegian company Acon AS and was taken over by Acon Digital Media as of May 1st, 2003. Acon Digital Media will continue to develop and support Acoustica.

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