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Adoption Forum's 32nd Annual Conference : The Loot Piles On!


Philadelphia - King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2005 -- More adrenaline anyone? There's excitement brewing as the 32nd annual Adoption Forum Conference takes shape.

Hosted at the King of Prussia Sheraton, the October 8 and 9 conference features keynote speaker Adam Pertman, author of "Adoption Nation" along with authors Bob Hafetz and Mary Grossnickle. Therapists and teachers of the inner-self, along with search helpers stand ready. There's meals, workshops, Sunday Brunch at the Movies and a chartered shuttle to King of Prussia Malls with special attendee offers.

But the growing buzz backstage is about the loot.

During Saturday lunch break, tables will groan under the weight of exceptional items donated to Adoption Forum... and those very goodies anchor the quiet, yet heated Silent Auction. Attendees write down and submit bids, and the proceeds from winning bids go to support next year's conference and Adoption Forum's non-profit work.

This year's donated largesse surpasses that of previous years in its sheer number and the quality of goods. Imagine bidding on any of three weekend getaways at fine beach condos, overnight stays at fine Atlantic City and Philadelphia area hotels, artwork, toys, gift baskets and gift certificates, home furnishings like bedding, wineglasses, and more. Stuff you might have considered acquiring anyway now benefits a non-profit cause with work to do for all triad members, so now's the time to shop hearty.

Once you've secured your haul, breathe deeply and head back to the workshops for learning and exploration. This year's menu includes:

• Changing the Media, Changing Minds

• Search One on One: Individualized Search Help

• Torn Between Two Mothers

• Birth Fathers: Their Feelings and Issues

• From a Birth Mother’s Perspective

• Safely Exploring Your Hidden Emotions

• The Intersection of Attachment Theory and Adoption

• Supporting The Triad Member During Search, Reunion & Beyond

• (Keeping) Secrets and (Telling) Lies

Too often birthparents and adoptees have no one with whom to discuss the issues unique to adoption, but here's one or two days (attendees' choice) of immersion with others who get it. It's freeing to learn "It's not just you", and get learning, reflection and validation that's priceless.

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Questions? Contact Ms. Gerry Ciotti, , 610-970-5240 or see the Forum's website at

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Get out of the house, enjoy the fresh fall air and the fresh air that sharing and learning bring. To ensure a seat in favored workshops, immediate registration is strongly encouraged.

About us:

Established in 1973, Adoption Forum, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is recognized throughout Pennsylvania as a group advocating access to records for adult adoptees. Functioning as a group of members united to promote open and honest communication in adoption, Adoption Forum works to educate the public by providing speakers, an annual conference, and by presenting testimony at legislative hearings. The Forum does not provide treatment, endorse any particular adoption agency nor derive benefit from any referrals. Adoption Forum's purpose is to provide emotional support to all members of the adoption triad: adoptees, biological parents and adoptive parents and to invite support from adoption professionals and legislators.