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Canada’s First Interactive Driving Simulator for GO Transit Marks Doron’s Pioneering Spirit


Binghamton, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2005 -- Doron Precision Systems, Inc. announced the delivery of the interactive 460Bus simulator to GO Transit, Toronto, Canada. This delivery marks the first interactive driving simulator in Canada to be used for training transit bus operators.

“Doron’s team did a great job at identifying and relating to our specific training needs. The 460Bus is great example of simulation technology being applied for operator training and traffic safety enhancement,” remarked Mr. Graham Armitage, Supervisor, Driver Safety and Training.

Officially known as the Greater Toronto Transit Authority (GTTA), GO Transit is Canada's first interregional Public Transit system and operates more than 1400 trips daily carrying 30,000 passengers on a typical weekday. Supporting a population of more than 5 million, GO Transit operates close to 300 buses in addition to an extensive network of train services. The agency plans to implement a comprehensive operator-training program with the recently delivered 460Bus interactive simulator. The program is designed towards enhancing driving skills and traffic safety while increasing training program efficiency.

The next-generation 460Bus has been specifically developed for the Transit industry. The supporting curriculum of bus and para-transit scenarios is a result of Doron’s close collaboration with transit industry experts. An industry leading 60Hz refresh rate for graphics with a seamless “Virtual World” driving environment add realism to the training environment. Instructors can customize training scenarios to evaluate and develop specific skills. Based on Doron’s complete system approach, the 460Bus comes with a value-added combination of hardware, simulated driving environment, training curriculum, supporting software applications, instructor training and supporting services.

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