PrivateTel Launches Click-and-Connect For Real Estate Web Sites


PrivateTel Launches Click-and-Connect For Real Estate Web Sites--CRM Tool Links Buyers and Agents With the Click of a Mouse

DALLAS -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2005 -- PrivateTel, a privacy-oriented telecommunications company, has launched Click-and-Connect, a customer relationship management (CRM) technology for real estate firms that lets online home buyers connect by telephone with real estate agents, with the click of a mouse.

Click-and-Connect makes it easy for buyers to call sales agents from their computers. With just a click on a home-for-sale or a home listing, buyers can dial a designated agent in real time and connect instantly via telephone to ask a question, make an appointment or close a deal.

The service also delivers business analytics that enable real estate firms to better target local advertising and improve the online sales experience.

According to PrivateTel CEO Pete Pattullo: “Click-and-Connect is a strategic bridge between a real estate firm’s online and offline sales channels. By enabling high value home buyers to immediately reach an agent, Click-and-Connect helps agents close more sales and increases customer loyalty.”

Real estate firms operating their own Web sites can install Click-and-Connect with no equipment or software to purchase. The service can be integrated with any Web site, used in a Web-connected desktop application, managed online and linked with customer databases. The software lets individual agents direct calls to their home, business or mobile phone number.

Click-and-Connect uses state-of-the-art telephony solutions deployed on the NetworkIP web-integrated telecommunications platform that offers best in class switching, computing hardware, data storage, and IP networking with the capacity to handle 10 billion minutes per year.

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