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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/6/2005 -- More than 200 of America’s most exciting emerging artists are expected to participate in an online ringtone battle of the bands called ‘King of the Ring.’ Hosted by, the leading website for the country’s next generation of musical stars, King of the Ring is modeled after a traditional sports schedule, with a regular season qualifying the top eight bands for play-offs that will lead into the holidays and reward the winner with a prize package provided by sponsors who cater to the needs of professional musicians.

When the King of the Ring playoffs wrap up on January 1, 2006, the Grand Prize winner will cart off a Touring Band Survival Kit highlighted by a recording session with producer Ted Comerford, a photo shoot with ShaLeigh, a Washburn acoustic guitar and acoustic bass, a pressing of 1,000 CDs by CDigital, T-shirts, stickers or posters from JakPrints and a copy of the Indie Bible. Liquid needs of the winner will be slaked by a generous supply of Izze beverages, not to mention a case of Jack Daniels. Best of all, the winner will be featured on the forthcoming CD compilation, Best of DecentXposure.
“The great thing about King of the Ring is that it really brings the bands and their fans together,” explains DecentXposure co-founder Cari Gelber. “Sports teams are always saying that they couldn’t do it without their fans, but in this case it’s really true. If the fans don’t go to and show their support for their favorite group, they simply won’t win.”

Adds Gelber’s partner Ben Hordell, who runs DX Street, the company’s street marketing arm, “King of the Ring is a true test of the power of online fan clubs. It will be great to see what happens when 200 bands and their fans climb into the ring to see who has the hottest ringtones and the strongest fans.”

The King of the Ring ‘regular season’ runs from October 17 through November 4. To be eligible to qualify for the play-offs, artists must be registered with DecentXposure by October 24. The eight artists whose top ringtones sell the most will qualify for the play-offs, which begin November 14. Bi-weekly elimination rounds will continue though November and December, with the Champion being announced on January 3, 2006.

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DecentXposure, LLC (DX) is a music marketing company with two operating units, DX Street and provides services to independent and emerging musical artists including the manufacture and distribution of compilation albums; the sale of downloadable ring tones to mobile telephones; the sale of singles and albums downloaded to personal computers and mobile listening devices; and the online sale of CDs and artist merchandise.

DX Street provides services to and generates revenue from companies seeking to align their products with the ‘next big thing’ in American pop culture. Offering college, high school and urban street team marketing services, DX Street targets a client base of artists, music companies and mainstream product merchandisers seeking to reach the elusive and highly desirable15-34 demographic.

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