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Neighborhood Media Corp.’s Bundled Media Package a Tremendous Local Success: Now Expands to Five States


Neighborhood Media Corp.’s Bundled Media Package a Tremendous Local Success: Now Expands to Five States

Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/6/2005 -- Neighborhood Media Corp.’s turn-key advertising program has successfully turned the North Carolina advertising market on its ear. The company, a relatively new-kid-on-the-block, is delivering such a sound, dynamic marketing package that advertisers have demanded their presence in other markets, as well.

Neighborhood Media Corp. offers a custom bundled media package that is both comprehensive and affordable. The one-of-a-kind turn-key advertising program is ideally suited to small businesses and professionals who are hungry for abundant local exposure. Neighborhood Media Corp.’s program, Neighborhood Exclusive, guarantees businesses and professionals a targeted, cross-media marketing package that delivers across-the-board media exposure.

A unique component of the program is the company’s guarantee of market exclusivity for their clients. Because the Neighborhood Exclusive program is limited to a handful of local businesses and professionals per quarter, this custom product has become essentially an “Invitation-Only” program. Neighborhood Media Corp. can effectively lock out a client’s competitors. Benefits of this exclusivity are that the target market becomes literally owned by Neighborhood Media Corp.’s clients who are promoted to their target customers with hundreds of thousands of effective visual and auditory messages, all delivered via a smart mix of marketing media.

The Neighborhood Media Corp. turn-key advertising program has proven itself a resounding success throughout the local markets that comprise the Triangle area of North Carolina. Recently, the Neighborhood Exclusive program was expanded to other areas of North Carolina, where interest in such an advertising product has skyrocketed. Now the company has announced that its exclusive program is being expanded to five other states, as well. Early reports suggest the program is already delivering powerful results.

Neighborhood Media Corp. was founded in early 2005 and is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. The company’s brainchild, the Neighborhood Exclusive program, was carefully designed to reflect results of nearly 20 years of advertising and marketing experience.

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