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Datacraft Solutions' Marotta Says e-Kanban is FAST road to Lean ROI


Durham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2005 -- Matthew Marotta, CEO of Datacraft Solutions, noted that, "finding rapid ROI elements of lean encourage the basic continued process improvement concept. e-kanban generates rapid and measurable cost-savings."

Ken McGuire, Massachusetts-based lean pioneer, MEACCAPECD, urges readers to "go paperless!" McGuire noted on pages 151-152 of the "The Big Squeeze" and notes, "Datacraft Solutions allows small and medium-sized companies to have a network more secure than they could afford to buy and more reliable that than they could afford. The barrier to entry is zero…you cannot afford not to try it."

Datacraft Solutions,, is the leading e-kanban provider worldwide. In the new Oaklea Press book "The Big Squeeze: Ten Ways to Cut Your Company's Expenses 10% Right Now," the benefits of the e-kanban process is highlighted.

The book is a compilation of ideas and insights submitted by hundreds of corporate executives giving ways they have found to save on everything from health insurance and telecommunications to transportation, logistics, and parts procurement.

The author, Patricia E. Moody, set up an Internet blog for executives from across the globe to share cost-savings ideas, and hundreds responded. This book distills and organizes this material, which was offered by managers from such well known businesses as Hilton Hotels, Motorola, Dell Computers, and Ford Motor Company.

"The Big Squeeze" is being issued in hardcover, retails for $23.95, and can be purchased at the publisher's website, The International Standard Book Number is 1-892538-45-8. The value of Datacraft Solutions is just one of the many suggestions detailed in the book.

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