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Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. (Dallas Contracting) was contracted to perform several tasks including the demolition of a former maintenance building, demolition of all associated foundations, removal of surrounding asphalt area and removal of piping on a pipe bridge. The demolition of these items was complicated by being on an active chemical site with live utility (above and below grade) and process lines in the immediate vicinity of work efforts. The plant has very strict work practices which needed to be abided by at all times.

The first task was to remove the old utility and water lines on a pipe bridge that fed to the building. This was accomplished by having laborers on a Genie boom lift cut the lines down with demolition saws. The building and foundation demolition was the next task. A PC 220 excavator mounted with a grapple demolished the structure and a skid steer was utilized to sort and remove debris. The grapple on the excavator was replaced with a bucket to perform the foundation and asphalt removal. A hydraulic hammer attachment was mounted on the skid steer to assist with breaking up the concrete. In addition, laborers utilized a walk behind concrete saw to make cuts in the asphalt and concrete. During the foundation removal, several unknown old sewer and water lines were encountered which were carefully exhumed and removed. Concrete, brick, masonry and asphalt were sent offsite for recycling. Debris was sent off for non hazardous disposal.

From a safety standpoint, nearby underground utilities were marked out and steel plates were placed over the areas for protection. A water hose was utilized to suppress dust migration during the building demolition. Caution tape and fencing were also used to secure the work area. There were no injuries or incidents.

The project was completed in approximately 2 ½ weeks.

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Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. has been in business for 26 years, is financially sound (D&B Rating of 3A2), is bondable, and works on a nationwide basis. Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. offers a turnkey approach to demolition, concrete recycling and remediation projects by offering the following services under one roof:

Demolition, Onsite Concrete Aggregate Crushing and Recycling, Environmental Remediation, Rigging, Brownfield Redevelopment, Surplus and Used Equipment Sales, Interior Demolition, Equipment Removals, Dismantlement, Equipment Salvage and Scrap Metal Recycling.

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