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Third Party EIFS Inspections. Do You Really Need One?


Modern Wall Wall Systems is offering a free EIFS inspection to all non-profit organizations in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Chesapeake, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2005 -- In an important recognition of it’s leadership, Modern Wall Systems, is pleased to announce that its’ EIFS division is currently reaching out to all non-profit organizations in the greater Mid-Atlantic area by offering a free non-intrusive EIFS inspection.

“The comprehensive report on the integrity of the walls around us is not only long overdue but it gives our customers greater peace of mind when using any EIFS products,” said Robert F. Santana, MWS’s EIFS division manager and co-owner. “Our non-intrusive inspections are conducted using the Tramex moisture meter, as well as the Delphia moisture scanner. These scanners are far more technologically advanced than the scanners used just over a year ago. And the best part is that once the inspection is complete, your building will be left intact. That means no holes in the walls caused by probes and other gadgets.”

This free EIFS inspection is the only consumer friendly solution on the market, and is conducted by industry trained professional EIFS installers and not by classroom or internet trained inspectors.

Modern Wall Systems has been in the EIFS business for over a decade and is no stranger to the stigma associated with EIFS and other wall claddings. With over a thousand inspections completed over the past ten years, MWS believes that the vast majority of damage associated with moisture intrusion stems from lack of education on the part of architects, builders, contractors, property owners and of course inexperienced inspectors.

“EIFS is not rocket science. If applied correctly and on cementious subtrates then there will be no nightmare stories of water damage and wood rot.” Said Robert “The thing is, in America we use a whole lot of wood when building our homes. Studs, walls and trim are almost always wood. Where there is wood, there is the potential for wood rot. Especially if the integrity of the EIFS has been compromised by poor sealants, poor craftsmanship or poor materials” he goes on to say, "The greatest added advantage of our service is that the report is conducted by an actual EIFS professional. Let’s face it; if your car starts pinging and ponging you wouldn’t take it to a car consultant. You would take it to an auto mechanic because a properly trained mechanic is all you need. The same simple concept is applied to our inspections. And once the inspection is complete, property owners receive an official document along with a list of practical solutions to remedy the problems, which may be used as they wish.”

Aside from the EIFS inspections MWS is also one of the fastest growing warranty companies dedicated to EIFS homes and commercial properties.

MWS offers many solutions to the growing local and national concerns facing property owners. MWS is also STI certified and an EIMA approved firm for conducting EIFS inspections, repairs and consultations, which means it meets the stringent standards of the Exterior Insulation Manufacturers Association for quality, dependability and experience.

About Modern Wall Systems
The company is the brainchild of veteran contractor Robert F. Santana and his Partner Daniel Perez. Their team spent two years researching, testing and refining their unique EIFS inspections to better accommodate the needs of the industry.

For more information on the service, or to order online, visit or call 757-639-3764 or 757-673-6103