Gourmet Impressions, Inc.

Birth of Food Embossing & Imprinting Industry Helps World Peace


Inventor, founder, and CEO of Gourmet Impression LLC, Rich Errera (a.k.a. “Chef Pizzal”) is a rising, sought after, culinary star. Single handily, this award-winning, creative innovator is about to start a new world industry with his two kitchen gadgets that will literally change the face of foods that are served and the messages they project. “The Food Embossing & Imprinting Industry” is about to be born, thanks to his patent pending Gourmet Impressions Roller and Stamper tools. Foods may vary, but the common uniting denominaor to all are universal, "Tasty Smiles" magically infused with their usage.

Nesconset, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2005 -- The Gourmet Impressions Roller and Stamper are award-winning kitchen tools that are nothing less than revolutionary. Chef Pizzal demonstrates beautifully on video (See http://www.gourmetimpression.com/). In seconds, anyone can now easily and quickly turn a vast variety of 40+ foods including pizzas, cheeses, breads, melons, vegetables, potatoes, and cookies into edible messages, and hopefully in good taste. In fact, CEO Rich Errera trademarked the company's motto ‘Tasty Smiles’ which embossed foods, called ‘pizzals'(pronounced 'pit-zells') are meant to evoke.

Gourmet Impression LLC is anticipating massive manufacturing and distribution demand of its’ set of unique kitchen tools for an already waiting, hungry world public in more than 54 countries. Production is anticipated for Spring, 2006 and Gourmet Impression LLC will send a notification e-mail to all those filling out their web's contact form. It will be an historic event of great magnitude.

“The Food Embossing & Imprinting Industry” appears destined in path to somewhat parallel that of the great pioneer Johannes Gutenberg, who 569 years earlier yet similarly, invented the printing press with replaceable letters. What Johannes did for his Gutenberg Printing Machine to paper in 1436, Rich Errera intends doing with his Roller and Stamper to food in 2006.

Many culinary luminaries highly acclaim this new technology and easy accessibility to tools for food embossing and imprinting that has finally arrived for the world’s masses to use. Let the revolution begin! They are literally within hand’s reach and use of the common man, woman, and child; no special skills nor electricity required. “This is a food idea, whose time is now”, says Albert Grande (Pizza News Publisher & Author of “Starting A Catering Business”). National Public Radio (NPR)’s reporter Brian Unger, proclaims in a radio expose that this is “an amazing breakthrough in culinary technology: food embossing...One of the greatest achievements of the technological age”. Steve Green, publisher of PMQ Magazine says, “I’d love to see (Rich Errera) featured in our idea forum and then polish it off with a booth appearance at our upcoming (Nov. 2005) New York Pizza Trade Show, (at The Jacob Javitts Center). John Andreae, producer of Food Network’s popular and top rated television show “Unwrapped”, has expressed strong interest in including a feature on Rich Errera’s Gourmet Impressions Roller and Stamper.

Technologies that add to improve communications, have always had a far reaching affect on the human race, and on many levels. The world’s advertising and marketing community is salivating with the very thought that there will be a new medium for advertising...on foods. Pass the food and spread the word. Food for thought can be consumed and digested - literally.

Rich Errera says, “ There’s a tremendous amount of positive, pre-release buzz, excitement, and interest surrounding these revolutionary new food embossing and imprinting tools. Like the enticing, drifting aroma of bread baking in the oven, the ever increasing spread of product awareness and desire to own, is likewise spreading just as fast with these whiffs of news, from country to country. With so much turmoil in the world, it's a nice feeling to know that I will be bringing some sort of happiness; perhaps a common thread of "Tasty Smiles" to all. People of all nations, rich, poor, young, old, from all walks of life, having different languages, religions, beliefs, and cultures, will soon be bonded together towards peace by my inventions. How can people be angry and fight, while eating foods that are presented to elicit ‘Tasty Smiles’?"

Food pizzals and peace to all, and may all enjoy a piece of pizzal.


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