9Rays.Net releases the new version of Instrumentation ModelKit software component for .Net Framework


Alexandria, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2005 -- The 9Rays.Net Company announces the release of a new version of Instrumentation ModelKit – the unique solution allowing .NET GUI developers to create comprehensive User Interfaces with uneclipsed multitude of custom controls.

The Instrumentation ModelKit software product features more than 130 ready-made instrumentation controls such as progress bars, meters, dials, sliders, gauges, odometers, thermometers, switches and other elements as well as an extensive package of 3D skins that can make any User Interfaces look and feel touchable, just like real-life instrumentation hardware.

In addition, the product package contains full featured Graphics Editor which allows designing any common and industry-specific custom controls from scratch. The elements created by means of Instrumentation ModelKit can arbitrarily combine drawing primitives, bitmapped images and specialized elements (such as scales and sliders). Elaborate interactive actions of an object can be assigned without a single line of code.

The new version of Instrumentation ModelKit is characterized by addition of the following features:

• The OPC DataChannel component included in the new version of Instrumentation ModelKit enables developers to incorporate real-time data channels with OPC industry standard – no need to use complicated COM interfaces. Now the data can be monitored by using the unified .NET component technology with a considerably sophisticated design-time tuning.
The advanced concept of the DataChannel component introduced within the new version allows not only to use the OPC industry standard, but also to create customized DataChannels via virtually any data providers.
• The vector graphics interoperability has been significantly extended – the selection of the most popular export formats supported by Instrumentation ModelKit such as GIF, BMP, PNG and JPG has been enriched by SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and Macromedia Flash.
• Video tutorials that illustrate complicated Instrumentation ModelKit concept on simple samples are available. The videos represent short step-by-step presentations each of them illustrating a single capability or a set of capabilities intrinsic to the product. Now it is so easy to learn how to work with the product.

Besides, a set of minor improvements, bug-fixes and accelerations applied to the new version of the product has boosted its performance and productivity.

“Instrumentation ModelKit opens a new era in graphical user interface development,” summarized Mr. Eugene Akinshin, Ph.D., the head of 9Rays.Net development department, “This new solution is far beyond the today's customary instrumentation component libraries. In addition to dozens of ready to use controls offered by our designers a developer gets power to escape the limits of scanty predesigned collections, create unique controls regardless of an industry the application is designed for and make the interface intuitively understandable for end-users”.

Availability and Pricing
Instrumentation ModelKit 1.5 runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT4.x/2003.
Three royalty-free licensing options are available: Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Professional (WinForms + WebForms+ Source Code in C#).
The price starts from $750 (USD).

A fully functional evaluation version is available for free download at http://www.9rays.net/cgi-bin/components_downloads.cgi?act=50&cid=106.
Product page link: http://www.9rays.net/cgi-bin/components.cgi?act=1&cid=106
Company website: http://www.9rays.net
You can learn more about the product and licensing by contacting 9Rays.Net at: pr1@9rays.net

Company Overview
Founded in 2001, 9Rays.Net has gained wide experience on the tools and components market, developing high-quality products for the following platforms: Microsoft .NET (Windows.Forms and ASP.NET), Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, and ActiveX. The company's primary product focus is on development of .NET tools and components compatible with Visual Studio .Net, C# Builder, Delphi.Net and other IDEs for .Net Framework.