USDOCTORSINFO.COM Introduces New Physician Databases


Forestdale, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2005 -- USDOCTORSINFO.COM today announced the introduction of a new physician database website made available only over the internet. The database is one of the most up-to-date and accurate files available on physicians and their medical specialties and practice locations. The database has been compiled from electronic data sources utilizing sophisticated screening, parsing and editing software technology developed by USDOCTORSINFO.COM to segment information from separate files and then applying advanced AI programs to cluster and analyze data. The result is a database that enables users to uniquely view physician locations and affiliations with unprecedented accuracy and lack of duplication.

Coupled with the highest database quality, the USDOCTORSINFO.COM website also has robust and straight forward selection screens that pinpoint physician location by state, county and town and by up to 200 distinct medical specialties. The USDOCTORSINFO.COM website has the most complete census of towns and medical specialties available on the Internet.

After establishing selection criteria of geography and specialties for physicians, the user is presented with record counts as well as the cost of the selection. Upon approval and payment, the file of records can be downloaded directly to the customer. Because the user directs both the selection and electronic receipt of the file, USDOCTORSINFO.COM is able to minimize the costs of third party queries and administrative billing, making its prices extremely attractive relative to other sources of physician information.

Because of the extensive cross-checking of electronic files, USDOCTORSINFO.COM has developed a detailed national roll-out plan for adding physicians to its databases on a state by state basis. Currently USDOCTORSINFO.COM databases include the Eastern half of the US with approximately 400,000 physician records. Full national representation is expected by the end of 2005.

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