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ProWorks Co-Developed Software Wins R&D Magazines Prestigious Editors’ Choice Award


Corvallis, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2005 -- ProWorks Corporation alongside its co-developers received the 2005 R&D 100 Editors’ Choice Award for ‘The Morning Report’ software product, as the ‘Product with the Greatest Impact on Safety’.

R&D 100 Awards are awarded by a team of technical experts and presented to one-hundred recipients for delivering the world’s most innovative and technologically significant new products. ProWorks shares the award with co-developers Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, Battelle Memorial Institute, Flight Safety Consultants and Safe Flight.

‘The Morning Report: Advanced Proactive Safety and System Monitoring Tool’ is a computational tool used to analyze large data sets of aviation information collected by onboard aircraft censors. The software continually monitors gigabytes of data and identifies typical patterns and atypical events, thus enabling airlines safety experts to regularly monitor complex airline systems. Automated reports allow inspectors to easily detect subtle but possibly significant anomalies, share information with policy makers and prevent potential accidents. While the technology utilizes complex mathematical and statistical algorithms it is operated by non-technical users via a simple desk-top application.

"In the past, breakthroughs like this have played an important role in both our economic and national security," said Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman.

This is the first technology developed to use a new, patent pending paradigm in data-intensive computing to distill insight from the massive amounts of data from thousands of flights to make flights safer. Prior to ‘The Morning Report’, there was no means by which all of the data could be presented in a report that would be useful to aviation safety experts and airline policy makers. ‘The Morning Report’ discovers events and conditions that flight safety experts previously had not perceived as problematic or were even aware of during routine flights. ProWorks is listed on the three patents applications submitted by NASA for technologies invented for 'The Morning Report'.

The versatile computational approach used in ‘The Morning Report’ can be extended into other domains that generate large amounts of data such as customer relation management, manufacturing and security. Similar analysis regularly collected data can uncover insights and improve decision making for improved results.

ProWorks Corporation specializes in the development of custom software solutions focusing on data visualization, data analysis and data mining. ProWorks has successfully delivered on large and small scale contracts for government agencies and private organizations.