Matthew Moran Takes Science Fiction to the Next Level with Spacewalkers!


CHICAGO, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/1/2005 -- Matthew Moran takes readers on an exploration of outer and inner space with Spacewalkers available now at

Spacewalkers begins the journey of 15 daring travelers chosen to explore the unexplored, experience the unexperienced and believe the unbelievable while traversing the great unknown - space.

Spacewalkers is a coming of age/self-discovery sci-fi/fantasy series in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Harry Potter Series with the introspective discovery and harnessing of power found in The Matrix and Dune and the galactic variety and exploration found in Star Trek, Star Wars and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Matthew Moran was inspired to write Spacewalkers while witnessing NASA’s Space Shuttle crew performing a spacewalk in an effort to repair the Shuttle. The stir about how dangerous and immense a task it was for someone to actually walk in space inspired the Spacewalkers series about adventurers whose primary mode of space travel is “walking”. Spacewalkers is available for purchase at

“In a age when the world is filled with so many challenges perhaps it’s time we look again to the heavens,” said Matthew Moran. “There are so many new worlds we have yet to discover and explore. So, many fresh and unprecedented possibilities...”

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Matthew Moran is an Honors Graduate of DePaul University who has won awards and been publicly honored as an artist and writer. Having spent a lifetime in the arts, Matthew has written, produced, directed and performed in countless plays, concerts and multi-media, including film and television. He is the president and founder of a Chicagoland art and multi-media production company. This is his first novel in a series.

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