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Lawsuit Loan Eases Financial Pain of Man with Broken Back


Chicago, Illinois -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/3/2005 -- After being seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident that was not his fault, Bill discovered that lawsuit funding from Beacon Legal Finance could change his life.

With a lawsuit cash advance, Bill was able to receive cash today against the future cash settlement of his lawsuit to keep financially afloat while waiting for a settlement of his lawsuit.

After the vehicle he was riding in as a passenger was hit by a semi-trailer truck one August afternoon, Bill was seriously injured with huge medical bills and financial ruin on the way. This accident caused this nineteen-year-old man to suffer massive injuries that included head injuries and a broken neck and back. Because of the injuries, Bill could not return to his previous job and had no way to earn a living. In the first three months following his accident, Bill’s medical expenses exceeded $213,000 and he had no way to pay his rent or other living expenses.

According to the accident report, the truck driver failed to yield the right of way and collided with the vehicle that Bill was riding in along the eastern seaboard. To reimburse his medical expenses and get justice for an accident that he did not cause, Bill hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the trucking company.

The wheels of justice move slowly so Bill had to wait for his lawsuit to either settle or go to trial. While he waits for his cash settlement from the lawsuit, Bill looked for pre settlement funding to pay his bills. With pre settlement funding, Bill received cash today in return for paying the pre settlement funding company a portion of the future cash settlement of his lawsuit. The lawsuit cash advance gave Bill peace of mind and financial assistance while he waits for the legal process to go through its many steps on its way to a successful conclusion. The pricing of the lawsuit funding was expensive, but it seemed fair when Bill learned that he did not have to pay back the lawsuit funding if his case lost or did not settle for enough cash to pay back the lawsuit funding.

Bill checked out the different lawsuit funding companies that are on the internet. One of the companies that Bill found seemed to be different. Their people treated him with professionalism and respect despite his financial troubles. The rates were competitive and the response time was fast. That company was Beacon Legal Finance, a leader in providing lawsuit funding to plaintiffs with high quality lawsuits. Beacon Legal Finance provided Bill with financial help from lawsuit funding when he needed it most.

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