Stargazer Entertainment

Stargazer Entertainment Launches New Comic Book Studio


Stargazer Entertainment today launched its new comic book studio and website ( The new studio was created in partnership with writer-director Adam Rodriguez and a team of top-notch comic book illustrators. Stargazer will feature an exciting line-up of original, cutting-edge comic book titles to be released online and in print.

The first title Stargazer will release is called “Space Ape: Death before Dishonor”. Fans of such classic characters as Hellboy, Wolverine and The Hulk will be sure to enjoy this unique fantasy adventure series. This dark story centers on the quest of a renegade soldier – who happens to be an Ape. When Space Ape is wrongly accused of murdering his king, he must flee his beloved home world, escape the many assassins sent to hunt him down and return to reclaim the Ape Empire from the dark forces who have taken power.

The Space Ape series will feature the truly fantastic illustrations of Swedish artist Pär Olofsson ( and ultimately culminate in a graphic novel. Olofsson and Adam Rodriguez co-created the series with the goal of producing something unique. “Our only real goal from the beginning has been to make some kick-ass comics,” said Rodriguez. “I wanted to combine the visually stunning artwork Pär creates with a powerful storyline. And in the end, I just hope comic book fans will really dig the book.”

Stargazer is an independant entertainment studio which will be developing several other titles over the next year, including a series of bizarre humor cartoons called “The Oddness” and a sci-fi series. Visit their web site at for more information, pictures, release dates and online comics.