Best Boston Businesses Shopping Website Adds Value to Local Business Online Advertising


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/4/2005 -- BestBostonBusinesses.com combines brand name online shopping with local business advertising services.

BestBostonBusinesses.com announces partnership with over 900 trusted merchants to offer the most convenient shopping services. BestBostonBusinesses.com mutually agreed to represent merchants via their online shopping portal based upon customer satisfaction ratings. As a result, BestBostonBusinesses.com online shopping is among the safest available. Shoppers can find almost any item or gift at the best possible price.

Thanh Nguyen, a 20-year experienced merchant, launched BestBostonBusinesses.com to provide an easy and safe way for customers to have quick access to hundreds of favorite, well known, brands from a single website.

"Most online shopping sites require users to understand complex search techniques or to scroll through hundreds of listings to find the products they want...” BestBostonBusinesses.com makes it very easy for customers to perform their product searches from within their favorite merchant’s website with only one-click.

BestBostonBusinesses.com only partners with merchants who have a positive customer satisfaction record. According to Thanh, "Unlike most other partner-based online shopping websites, we select our merchants very carefully. We have chosen to decline offers from over 500 merchants to be represented in our online shopping portal."

The BestBostonBusinesses.com website is very easy to navigate and our local business advertiser's listings are never more than one-click away from any web page that prospective customers may be viewing. This is a tremendous value for local Boston businesses who want to take advantage of the fact that the people who visit BestBostonBusinesses.com are ready to buy.

Ms. Nguyen has researched online shopping scenarios for many years. Her knowledge has enabled BestBostonBusinesses.com to offer customers the best online shopping experience possible. She continues to work with some of the best technologist to improve the online shopping and advertising services offered by BestBostonBusinesses.com.

Customers visiting BestBostonBusinesses.com can simply click on the name of their favorite merchant to gain direct access to all of their products, services, and online discounts. Every web page has a quick-access menu that lists major product categories and Boston locations where customers can find local products and services.

About BestBostonBusinesses.com:
BestBostonBusinesses.com is owned and operated by Learn2Know of Boston, Massachusetts. Learn2Know publishes educational software available via affiliates worldwide.