Neighborhood Media Corp.

We Are “Spinach for your Business™,” Says Cross Media Marketing Firm, Neighborhood Media Corp.


Cary, North Carolina -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2005 -- Neighborhood Media Corp., the innovative advertising firm that literally lifts small businesses up from the canvas, so to speak, has officially announced its fresh, new slogan: “Spinach For Your Business™.” Whether you hail from a generation raised on the Popeye cartoon or not, the message is clear—spinach makes you grow strong.

The break-out company offers a one of a kind turn-key advertising program known as Neighborhood Exclusive. This program bundles a smart mix of cross-media advertising, ideal for small businesses and professionals hungry for an abundance of local exposure and business growth. The Neighborhood Exclusive program puts the “Pow!” into a small business’ often stagnant advertising program. The line in the sand that definitively separates Neighborhood Media’s program from other marketing companies’ programs is their guarantee of market exclusivity. NMC’s clients literally own their local markets while they are clients of the program.

In the last six months, Neighborhood Media Corp. has grown by over 300 percent. Successful in all its North Carolina markets, this fresh-faced media company immediately drew attention outside of its birthplace and is currently delivering its in-demand program to clients within six states. NMC has a corps of specially trained Account Managers located in North Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida, with immediate sights set on expanding to Ohio and Georgia, as well as deeper into the Northeast.

Neighborhood Media Corp.’s unique custom-designed program is the result of nearly 20 years of marketing and advertising experience. The company’s goal is to deliver a consistent and savvy media program that is well-designed, customized, and affordable for small businesses and professionals who wish to exponentially increase their visibility within local and precisely targeted markets.

For more information on Neighborhood Media Corp. contact, Jon Breidbart, 1135 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 200, Cary, NC 27511; 919-657-0228; 800-416-6871;;