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Hellcab: The Ride of your Life!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/9/2005 -- Ever been in a cab with a couple of nymphomaniacs, a junkie and a sock puppet ventriloquist? Here’s your chance. At Rising Sun’s production of Hellcab you can be part of it all. The play, which opened Friday, takes its audience on a wild ride through the streets of Chicago, on an at times hilarious, at times freaky, and at times heart-warming account of a cab driver’s wild and wondrous encounters on the most bizarre shift of his life.

“Hell Cab” is playing at the Under St. Mark’s theatre, located in the Lower East Side of New York City. Laura Jellinek’s set design includes an open concept life size frame of a yellow cab, providing an intimate and realistic setting for the play. Audience members sit inches away from the stage in a living-room size underground theatre, which may not allow for comfortable seats but certainly adds to the experience.

And an experience it is. From the entrance of Nic Melovi, the main character, who provides an honest portrayal of a frustrated but good-hearted cab driver, to the wacky cast of characters who hop into the backseat of his taxi for a lot more than a ride.

There’s the dizzying crackhead (Adam Purvis) who forces the anxious driver around town in search of his next hit. Purvis’ performance both as a spastic junkie and later as a stuttering puppet ventriloquist leaves the audience in splits.

Then there is the rape victim (Elizabeth Burke) who reveals her ordeal to the driver minutes after it occurs. This character is the most dramatic of the players because her experience and pain are so compelling and tangible, one cannot help but recognize the reality that the scene reflects. Burke does an excellent job of conveying tension and loneliness through her quiet resonating delivery.

There are also the Christian evangelists (David Anthony and Crystal Frenchschini) who attempt to drag the cabbie to a Thursday church sermon in a zealous effort to save his soul. While they are unsuccessful in their attempts their keen and comical portrayal keeps the audience hooked.

Through humour, pain, and common experience each of the strange characters communicates a greater connection between human beings and invites the audience to share in this connection.

Director Akia and writer Will Kern put together a bizarre and wonderful production evoking a myriad of emotions from the audience. In fact, by the end of the play one wishes they could take the stressed cab driver out for a beer. The play is endearing particularly because between the tears, laughter, shock, and lure you realize that this is life. Strangers do become friends, lost souls can be found, sex can be had just about anywhere, and good listeners sometimes get into trouble.

Hellcab says it all - it is not your typical night at the theatre. So if the unusual is what you crave head down to UNDER St. Mark’s for the ride of your life!

-Review by Anusha Alikhan

Horse Trade Theater Group Presents A Rising Sun Performance Company Production

Hell Cab
By Will Kern
Directed by Akia
Starring Nic Mevoli as the Cab Driver

Featuring the Rising Sun Performance Company Ensemble: Performers will be rotating through show dates.
David Anthony, Adam Purvis, Athenia Parks, Crystal Francischini, Elizabeth Burke, Lindsey Smith, Maya Novack, Nicole Watson, Patrick Egan, Reagan Wilson, Reginald Ferguson, Renee Valenti, Rey Oliver Bune, Rob Richardson, Sarah Sirota, Steve Gribben, Savadev Poudel , Seth Abrams, Josh Hyman

@ UNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place
between 1st Avenue and Avenue A
(no wheelchair access)

November 4th thru December 10th 2005
Fridays and Saturdays @ 10.30pm
No Performance Friday November 25th

Regular Priced Tickets $15 / $10 Students & Seniors with ID
To purchase tickets now: call SmartTix (212) 868-4444
or online @ www.horseTRADE.info

Industry please call 212-946-1242 or 917-815-8765 www.risingsunnyc.com

For additional information:
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