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LoPresti announces New STC approvals for Boom Beam landing lights for Beech Bonanza Models 33, 35, and 36; Mooney L, M, R, and S; and Cessna 310,and 320!


Vero Beach, fl -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2005 -- LoPresti Speed Merchants, “The Foremost provider of Aviation PERFORMANCE Solutions” is proud to announce the addition of three new Boom Beam landing taxi lights to our approved model list. We have added nose taxi lights to the Bonanza Models 33, 35, and 36. This installation supplements the already approved Boom Beam landing installation for the same Bonanza models. Wing mounted Boom Beams have been approved for the Mooney M20 L, M, R, and S. Lastly nose gear mounted taxi lights have been approved on the Cessna 310 and 320 models. The LoPresti Boom Beam system is FAA/PMA’d and STC’d for over 68,000 aircraft and can be field approved on virtually every other aircraft.

Mark Jones, Chief pilot for Marquette Electronics, says, “With the Boom Beams now every landing is a daylight landing. In the first 660 hours that we had our plane, BBB (Before Boom Beams), we replaced 6 sets of Bulbs. Since we installed the Boom Beams we have flown 340 hours we haven't had a failure. I don't expect to ever change another landing or taxi light. In fact, I'm so confident in the performance, I don't even carry any spares."

“You are done replacing bulbs. (As in: DONE, NO MORE, FINISHED)! The LoPresti Boom Beam has no filament to break or burn and is guaranteed for 5 years or 5000 Hours” said Jim LoPresti, Director of Consumer Sales.

About Boom Beams
Our Boom Beam lighting systems improve lighting in most cases by more than 500% and consists of a power supply, shielded high voltage wire harness, plug in Boom Beam lamp, mounting hardware, and your choice of lens reflector assemblies.

Vibration and shock are the primary killers of a normal light bulb. The filament in a normal bulb is very fragile and any kind of vibration or shock can cause a failure. LoPresti Speed Merchants Boom Beam has been extensively proven in a very rough environment, Flight Training. The Boom Beam can take a pounding and come out shining. The Boom Beam is so rugged that we warranty the bulb for 5 years or 5,000 hours. The Boom Beam makes an ideal aircraft landing light.

About LoPresti Speed Merchants

LoPresti is the world's foremost provider of aviation performance solutions. LoPresti designs and manufactures modifications to dramatically improve the safety and performance of all types of aircraft. For more than three decades, founder Roy LoPresti was the reigning prince of light aircraft design. In 1991, the legendary engineer formed LoPresti Aviation, located in Vero Beach, Florida. Innovation is the mantra. Curt LoPresti CEO of LoPresti Aviation continues the family tradition with more than 40 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Authorizations (PMAs), plus patents and copyrights; LoPresti leads the way in performance and innovation time and again.

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