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Avoid Direct Mail Suicide with Postcard Magnet Mailers


Saratoga Springs, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2005 -- On their 10 year anniversary American Printing & Promotions, Inc. launched to make business owners aware of postcard magnet mailers: a powerful direct mail alternative that accomplishes what traditional direct mail cannot.

Experts say, “The most difficult task of any mailing is to stay out of the trash can long enough to deliver a message.”

Everyday, enormous amounts of direct mail take a short and un-eventful journey directly from the mailbox to the trashcan, representing tens of thousands of advertising dollars literally wasted. offers business owners a mailer that consumers will keep and use rather than discard and ignore.

“It’s our mission to provide business owners with a product that will keep their message in front of their clients longer resulting in more impressions and a greater response rate,” says Ryan Christensen, owner and CEO of American Printing & Promotions. “A postcard magnet mailer is the perfect way to keep your marketing dollars out of the garbage and continually promoting your business.”

“Effective marketing includes differentiating yourself from your competitors”, continues Christensen. “That includes not only your products and service, but your direct mail as well”.

A report found in a direct marketing annual statistical fact book reports that “a postcard with a magnet attached is read at least 51.9% more often” than traditional postcards or envelope mailers.”

“Cost per exposure,” says Christensen, “is what makes this product the most effective and affordable direct mail choice. Postcards get ignored, thrown away or lost. A magnet goes directly to the fridge; and it’s going to stay there for years. You can’t get that kind of exposure with anything else.”

A well known and accepted law of marketing is that a consumer must be exposed to a product or service multiple times before the decision to purchase takes place. Some businesses, in an effort to create repeat exposure, send out a series of postcards. Production costs and postage has to be paid for with each mailing.

The same positive effect of repeated exposure can be achieved by sending out a magnet postcard once. The magnet will continue advertising a message or service long after traditional mailers have been thrown away and forgotten.

Postcard magnet mailers also pave the way for personal follow up. Contacts will remember receiving the magnet mailer because of its attractive and unique design.

“When advertising with postcards you don’t have that power” says Christensen, “People remember things that are unique. They will remember the company’s message and service because they will see their magnet every single day. Sending out regular postcards or envelope mailers doesn’t give you a competitive advantage: It just makes your company easy to forget.”

“Remember”, he concludes, “anything but a magnet will just get thrown away.”

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American Printing & Promotions, Inc. was founded in 1995. Over the past 10 years it has grown from a small local company into an international printing and promotional provider. Ryan Christensen, manager since 2003 has helped lead the company towards being a foremost provider of revolutionary and effective direct mail.